Sunday, January 4, 2015

4th Jan 2015: Mum & her irrational belief in fortune books

Never understood my mum and her superstitious nature, in the sense that she is so blindly obsessed n caught up with all those fortune telling B.S. Her blind faith and complete utter stupid belief totally rubs me off the wrong way since I was young. It's not that I want to discredit the whole profession but I just don't believe anyone should totally believe those fortune generic books like bloody gospel n treat it like the holy doctrine that your life will end up like that for sure. When I was growing up, our place are full of rubbish fortune books from every animal horoscope to a few "HK masters". When I calculated the money she spent on those books, it can amount to at least $60++. Even at primary school, I can safely bet that's a lot of money to waste. I didn't get why my mum would say no money but waste money on rubbish like these.

I do believe that there may be some elements of truth BUT unless it's a personal consultation that actually tailor the reading based on your palm, birth hour & life, I cannot believe those stupid generic books that wants you to believe all "cows or monkeys etc" will face this & that for the year.

I can't remember wat we were talking about and my mum started to say "how accurate this fortune book is" everytime she says something ludicrous like that, I have to stop her coz I can't stand hearing stupidity. I retorted "if they are so good, why the fuck they still reading fortune instead of preventing tragedies and shit n save lives from airline disasters"

My mum said "no the book very accurate because it says this and that about you n your husband for the new year"

That irritated me more with such fucking unsubstantiated claims. So I retorted, "oh yeah? Then your supremely accurate book also say all those born in rabbit year will not pop babies in year of horse, u want me to show you how many of my rabbit gf's pop babies this year? 6 that I know of.  So what has your book got to say? So don't give me those crap theories and you should not believe blindly everything you read. Those books are a bloody waste of money. Just live your life as it is and happily lah, read those things for wat? If it's your destiny, u won't be able to change it no matter how many times u read the fortune book. "

Without any good comeback, my mum just grumbled "aiya u don't get it"

Indeed I don't get it. I don't get why u can be so gullible to waste money on books like these and treat them like gods words and so excitedly proclaim how good n accurate these books are. Did these books stop to help u? No. Did these books somehow stop your son marital woes? No. Did these books help u like your daughter in law? No. Did it improve your social or financial life? No. Did these books help improve your health? No. So wat the FUCK are these books good for???

As if this topic isn't enuff to make my blood boil, she went on to say something else (can't rem exact words), then I retorted "who say u never nag about kids? U always hint here hint there"

Then my mum exclaim and insisted "I'm very liberal n open! I never once give any of my kids any pressure!! (Yah rite. B.S)  I never once pushed u to have kids. "

The problem with me is I cannot let someone lie in my face. So I corrected my mum "u must be suffering memory loss. When I got married, u ready say aiya shod have baby, baby so cute blah blah blah"  it was to the point that it was so annoying that I have to snap back at you to leave me alone  n I'm not interested (since I can't tell u to shut the Fk up n mind your own biz. - that's wat I'm thinking in my head)

My mum insisted she has never said all that. Whatever. Old people always suffer from memory loss and selective memory retention.

I have no idea why my mum n I are like chalk n cheese. The way we see life is so different and I'm not even schooled overseas or anything. I just can't understand her irrational thots n arguments . I think she is holed up in her own world too long?

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