Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mum is like a big kid at times

Apart from those occasional exasperating moments, my mum can be quite funny and like a kid sometimes.

As there are no TV program for her to watch here, I got her to Farm Heroes Saga to pass time. What started out as a game to pass time became a major addiction for her!! She can play till she forgot the time and even burnt my pot once coz she forgotten she had the flame on.

Wat was really funny was on New year eve nite. She said she was going to bed early at 11pm+. As it was close to Midnite, I Thot I might try my luck to see if my mum wants to see the fireworks. I quietly opened her bedroom door and to my surprise, my mum was squatting by the bed, in the door and staring at her phone charging away.

I asked my mum "Hey mum! I thought u were sleeping!! Wat are u doing?!!"

My mum grinned like a kid and replied "Oh I couldn't sleep coz I cannot clear the I Thot I try my luck again but my phone has no more power."

I was sooo tickled!

My mum, she really is like a child. The way she gets so excited when she cleared a level
Or reached the 3 stars target!!

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