Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Funny Bar in shanghai

Remind me never to be nice and allow baggage check in even if they tell u some sob story about the flight is full and limited cabin space. I agreed and I ended up wasting 45mins of my time at shanghai airport looking for my "misplaced" luggage. I waited for the belt number to flash on screen as to where to collect my bag but it never materialised. I thought it was strange after so long and found my bag at the lost and found counter. Shanghai airport didnt even have the decency to display on screen the belt!!!! Talk about crap airport service!

So i reached Marriott later than expected and rushed to office for meeting. The discussion got abit delayed and didnt leave till about close to 8pm. Went dinner with Wendy, to treat her a farewell dinner since we have gotten relatively along well. Gossips, jokes, stories. She brought me to this Nepalise place for dinner.

The restaurant is "Nepal Kitchen" located at "No.4 Lane 819, Julu Road, Shanghai 200031" (tel: 54046281). Dinner was ok, close to indian food really. However, I hate it as it was not non smoking and there was 2 tables of bloody foreigners (at least 20 people) who was puffing away and my eyes started tearing. I couldnt breathe, it was horrible to sit there. So we left and went next door for a quick drink.

It was called "Peoples 7" and u cannot just enter like that. At the entrance, there are big 9 circles on the wall and there is a 4 number code that you must activate to go in! When u have the wrong code, the opposite door will open with a mirror saying "sorry try again". I thought it was quite silly as u are driving potential customers away!

The inside was pretty decent but the decor for toilet is weird. Firstly, there were doors, look like doors , didnt function as proper doors. I tried the knob and it didnt turn... only to find out it was a decoy! U have to push where the hinges are supposed to be!!! And once inside, u cannot find the damn lights switch!!! I tried waving like a silly goose, only to find out, the lights will only turn on AFTER you latch the door!! I pray they wash the toilet enough since some guys may not latch the door and spray everywhere!!! Luckily for me, it was relatively clean.

We left about 11pm and i got a call at 11.30pm. Apparently, Wendy's husband locked her out!!! She was furious and cursing him. So in the end, I had her bunk over with me at the hotel and she left again early morn at 6am. The hotel room service only served to piss her off even more so we didnt sleep till like after 2.30am++.

Luckily I was able to wake up for work, only that the stupid hotel room clock was 15mins behind time!!! I ran for my life to office!!! Marriott has to do better than this.

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