Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Les Suite Taipei

I really like Les Suite Taipei Hotel at 12, Ching Cheng Street. It is modern, free wireless and cheap. Can u imagine for a full set room service dinner that includes main noodle, soup, 2 appetiser, 1 vege plus 1 full plate of super sweet fruits (6 selections), it only cost 280NT + 10%service charge.

The superior room is spacious, bath room great with even simple thoughts of providing hair band and rubber band for ladies. I havent tried the bed yet but it felt alrite when i sat on it. The room has 100 channels, mainly taiwan programs and also Japanese programs (Ooops! I just saw an uncensored english channel with Jap subtitles flashing saggy boobs!)

Where can u get value like that? Good location (just next to MRT), fanastic plolite service and damn good looking stuff (guys) and new room and quiet location. Its amazing! The staff are so considerate and attentive, It was raining when they got me a cab. I forgot to ask for a brolly as it was sheltered but as i got into the cab, the hotel staff handed me a brolly and informed me to be careful as it was raining. He even put his hand on the cab door above my head in case i bump onto the taxi ceiling. Its really good service!! When i called for room service and happen to say I am hungry, the room service volunteered to give me extra serving and so I have 2 big bowl of vege soup atht tasted really good !! It was clear soup and healthy. I will definitely come back again for this is a value for money hotel!

Theer is a 24hr book store cafe but I am too tired now to check it out. But there is macs next door that close at 23.30pm and a 24hr family mart (7-11). What more can one ask for?

Compared to JW Marriott Shanghai, Marriott loses terribly in service. I was so fed up with the lousy room key which keeps deactivating and the staff keep jumping to conclusion that it was my phone or my other credit card atht affects the magnetism. For one, I kept my room card in my bag separate from my wallet and phone. So it was the card problem. 2 nites constantly and it was a hassle to walk to the recept due to weird layout. I was so irked that I wrote in to complain about the service. So Les Suite Taipei is indeed heaven sent!

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