Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some stores i tried in shilin market-Taipei

For cynthia and anyone heading to Taipei (too bad I missed out on Alex in Taipei. didnt know till he emailed me after reading my blog! haa haa) , here are some stores which i tried in shilin market (stop at jian tan station 剑潭站 )and I really love it!

I tried Aiyu (爱玉) which is some kelly gelatin made from seeds of a tree only found in taiwan. Not bad for a drink. (Store 536)

The next thing i wont miss is the mango ice (芒果冰). wah pianz damn good! Thinking about it still makes me drool! (I think its at store 497) I dunno if there are any other place that has better mango ice but canx complain what i have!

I didnt really tried the food but there was this store that had some steam or panfried meat buns that smell really glorious and there was a Q for it. But i was conserving "Okane" $$ for other things so i didnt try the food. I canx rem the place since it is right in the middle and it was kinda like a cart in
front of the store and i didnt take note of the number.

My vendors brought me to this Pig trotters place. Sooo good, feels so at home!!! Except that theirs is not the balck vinegar style which i am used to from home. In fact they were so surprised when i said ours back home is cooked in vinegar! They couldnt imagine! HK food just doesnt suit me..except the canto dishes. But general food places makes me "sianz". Taiwan is so like home, chinese music, chinese conversation and people are just warm. Plus a good thing, I hardly saw any mainlanders! The last few modern city with minimal loud booming mainland toruists that disgusts me with their inconsiderate behaviour. And somehow, typical Singapore tourists are more subdued and quieter in Taiwan comparing to other places,maybe becoz they can speak mandarin and not their horrid english that made them more bearable. haa haa.

Taiwan is filled with stores of variety everywhere so its really hard to say where to shop. I think Anna told me there where at Wuchang or Wufeng place that was really good but i canx rem which... Anna!! U better tell me when u going back to Taiwan and let me tag along!!! hee hee

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