Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meeting a new friend in Shanghai

was exhausted by end of the 2nd day in Shanghai. But i strive for once, to walk beyond office and hotel for this business trip. So i decided to meet up with Karen, a friend I got to know in Friendster who is living in shanghai now.

We decide to meet at Raffles city for dinner. Clueless silly me, didnt even realise the Raffles City was the same Raffles city chain in Singapore until i see the Capital Mall logo on the building. It just didnt registered it was the same singapore chain!! Even the stores and layout has a singapore feel to it!! ha ha!

Anycase, we met and luckily we both look like what we do in the picture and she brought me to the Brazilian place on the 2nd floor. The food is buffet but u have roaming nomad waiters who hold the meat in skwers and walked around to serve u. I feel like a glutton next to Karen coz i was starving and i seem to order double the meat portion compared to her! haaaa!

The dinner was pleasant and we chatted abit and maybe its a singapore bond, it didnt feel weird or anything as we ate and talk. Karen remarked it was quite something to have 2 singaporeans, one living in shanghai, one in HK, to be eating together in shanghai in a singapore mall, chomping on Brazilian food with a bikini cladded dancer, dancing to somewhat a turkish sounding music and she looked like a filippino from far. Talk about intercontinental mix! haaa

We moved on to fresh food drink at basement and Karen finally decide to go for the durian sugarcane mix while i stuck to papaya milk. I told her abt my "gas leak" story when i was in school then and i nearly had her choking on the drink from laughing! I didnt realise i was so animated till she said i really shouldnt tell her a joke while she was sipping a drink. heh ;p

Then she talked about some personnel stuff and i joked with her that since she is so good at sniffing out the butt of durian, perhaps she should try her "durian" technique to hold by hair and sniff the butt of her potential employees during interview to pick the "good and ripe" one! We laughed hilariously over that joke!! I dun know what possess me to crack that joke but that image just turn up in my head and I couldnt resist sharing it. Haa haa. I think have Karen cracking over it:)

Afterwhich, Karen tried to show me the "naked parading shanghai woman" in the changing room of her gym upstairs but our plan was foiled by an overzealous gym staff who "respected" the privacy of the female guests. I find it hilarious coz they wont be walking ard naked if they really cared do they? Oh well, too bad for me... (god i sound so perverted! haaa)

Karen showed me another place called cross road at the food court where they served sg food! The picture of the prawn noodle had me drooling big time.. I missed home food!!! Then we saw Bakerzin and the counter gal tried to convince me that they SHIPPED/FLOWN in the cakes from singapore everyday!!! Do u believe it!!!!! I looked at karen and we both was like "absolutely non-convinced" but of coz we politely walked away.

The nite quickly come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed Karen;s company and yes, we certainly clicked as our brain seemed to question things abt us the same way (like how do the first people first know coffee beans can be drunk??)

So Thank You Karen for a wonderful time and dinner treat! And canx wait to catch up with u again!

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