Thursday, August 3, 2006

Typhoon 3. or 8?!!

The storm in Hk is so unpredictable. After a few days of sunny weather, its now pissing rain and hurling wind. The typhoon 3 wind is so strong that it is enough to totally wreak your big brolly and twist its metal and send u walking in the direction which the wind is blowing.

Macau is having typhoon 8 and HK refuse to upgrade its signal and remains at 3. But u look at the damn wind and storm passing, you know it has to be larger!!!!

Although i could leave half hour earlier, i stayed on as i was hoping not to catch the rain. sometimes, the rain just come and go. So luckily by 7pm, the rain stop. Emily and Josephine brought me to buy something for my decongested nose. Bloody HK do not have VICKs. (Anna, looks like u may need to send it to me or get your hubby to pass me if i see him in Taiwan) and so i quickly ran to the bustop and caught it before it left.

On way home, i saw the traffic road for opposite direction came to a halt. A bloody HUGE tree was uprooted and slammed right into the cars and plonked itself in the middle of the road. Traffic directors and some workers were trying to get the tree out of the way. Its a mess. Some pipes burst and i saw some roads were filled with water.

I alighted the bus and the security guard said they locked the glass door and so we had to walk thru the general garbagge area to walk to carpark to get back to units. I was PUSHED by the wind. The woman behind me screamed and yelped. So imagine the force of nature is to be reckon with!

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