Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beauty Product Favorites!

Always wanted to compile this 10 must have beauty products list but never got round to it.

Girlfriends, if you still havent found the product that suit you, here's my top favorites which really worked for me at least! And if u are shopping for your wife, gf, consider this your options :)

1. Creme de La Mer Moisturing Cream (FACE Cream).

An ever skeptic to cosmetic products, I swear by this "miracle" cream. I dont use this everday but it really delivers when my skin is overexpose to sun/winter elements. Any dry or peeling areas showed obvious improvement even upon first application. The redness is soothe, and it hydrates your skin stopping any potential peel. (We did patch test) Another test it cleared for me was sensitivity test. While other leading brand products stung my face when it was feeling ultra sensitive, La Mer had no such effect.

2. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (HAND Cream).
This one is a keeper. Tried so many other brands and this absolutely maintained the moisture well and kept my hands supple despite constant contact to water due to washing and chores. Many other brands including organic ones simply disappoint and didnt live up to "Hydrating" expectations, or didnt have lasting effect.

3. Facial Cleanser ( and pre cleanser)
Menard (The purple and LS series). Hands down winner. Face never felt cleaner and brighter.
Black heads have disappeared.

4. Facial Mask/ Masque
Dermalogica Multivitamin Concentrate Masque. Good for those days u wanted to booast the hydration level or skin feeling drier than usual.

5. SHISEIDO Shampoo and Conditioner
Shiseido Tsubaki (white bottle) for normal/ dry hair type.
Tried the red Tsubaki version, doesnt work as well as for me. However if you have over-oily scalp, you might not like it. Then try Redken Scalp Relief Soothing Balance Shampoo. (but its conditioner doesnt work well for me)

6. Body Moisturiser
Sadly, havent found any I liked.
Alternate choice was The Natural Source - Tropical Sugar Cane Moisturising Body Whip

7. CRABTREE Body Scrub
Crabtree La Source Shower Scrub. This is the BEST and only body scrub worth its salt!

8. Lip Balm
Dr Hauschka Lip Balm. It's non addictive and definitely no weird taste!

9. MAYALTHA Lip Treatment
The other winner which I consider more as lip (spa) treatment than balm wear is the TNS product. : MAYALTHA Naturopathic - "Better Fuller Lips".

It used to be under Daintree series when I first bought it and comes in the same tube except it was green colour. Now they changed the name but works the same. It has FANTASTIC Instant gratification if u have peeling and dry lips! Any one esp brides-to-be who wants fuller and luscious lips on her photoshoot day/ actual should apply this, leave it thick for 10mins, then wipe off before any lipstick. I call it my lips miracle cream.

10. Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel (Zit/ Pimple)
The only one that delivers and keep zits at bay. Works best when u first spot the zit (on the first day it appears) before it becomes full blown or red. If you catch it early, the zit disappears by the next day without a trace. However, I am not sure if it works for chronic acne skintype. Only tried it when I have those occasional zits. Recommended to 6 girl/ guy friends and they all swear by it.


averillann said...

Great comments to help me choose what to try. I have tried the Dr Hauschka lip product and found it great, the body scrub from Crabtree & Evelyn is also great as is their hand scrub and moisturising cream from La Source. If you are looking for a good body moisturiser and like Dr Hauschka you could try the Quinze body cream which is a great moisturiser. Some people do not like the perfume and prefer the Rose Body Milk. I must havea look at the face cleansers for my daughter who is all of a sudden having an outbreak of spots!!

Nomad said...

Thanks Averillann. I have tried La Source Body Moisturer myself but even after through 2 bottles, the result wasnt as satisfactory for me.

(Of course result is subjective and dependent greatly on diet and lifestyle. The key test mainly was often if it will replenish my skin well after some moderate exposure to sun/ wind. Alot of the test products works ok if I stay indoor mostly but doesnt ideally hydrate and keep skin supple. )

I will check out Dr Hauschka though I would be more skeptical as their face sunscreen SPF15for sensitive skins, it actually caused sensitivity rash and reaction on my face, and it didnt work as well as i expected. My doctor advised me off it.

I am thinkin of trying Clarins body moisture cream next...

If your daughter is breaking out in spots, try Embellier foam (i didnt try their other products in same range as too ex) cleaner or another one that starts with M but i forgot the name offhand. And keep the zits in check with Clinqiue get spot. It works miracle.

However, outbreak could be due to diet, stress, or simply harmonal change (not sure how old ur daughter is). And also, stay off rich cream products and cosmetic stuff and stay away from sun for a while. It's my advice from personal experience as I grew up having outbreaks constantly and finally found my routine to curb it :)

couponqueen said...

Of all the different brands I've tried, Redken definitely works best for me. I have pretty oily hair, but I love the way my hair feels after I use this shampoo and conditioner! The cheapest I've seen all of the Redken products is at overstockdrugstore.com, check it out!

redken body full shampoo said...

These comments are helpful in helping me which brand to get. I recently got Redken and I love it!