Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I finally am forced to say "Farewell" to my long time companion - Nokia 7260... after years and years of faithful service, it finally has died on me despite my best of care.

I love this phone. It works beautifully, visually appealing to me and has never once thrown a tantrum on me. Now that it has "retired", I'm feeling kind of lost. Not because I am "mobile-less" but rather, I am overwhelmed by the idea of having to find its next replacement.

Buying a phone is an absolute chore. U would think its easy to find a sturdy phone, looks clean in design, works well and last long. Well, maybe not too long since they will become obsolete (software) in time to come like mine. I thought my "phone research" would be done in a flash but No...... i went to check various models and 45mins down the road, my eyes are blurry, head swirling, bombarded by so much love/hate reviews and I still have yet any decent idea of what phone to buy next.

So when I mourn the loss of my "best friend", no matter I must move on. It still look so pristine new despite after 4 years+. I hate to think its really dead.

Anycase, I have narrowed down to Nokia E51 or Nokia Classic 6120. Only because they are non slide, non clam, one solid candybar phone model and 3G. Hong Kong Nokia doesnt carry E51 for some reason. So I guess I have to wait till my next trip back to Singapore to get it if I do eventually decide on it. Otherwise, any other recommendations, anyone? Sigh

Meanwhile, bye-bye darling.

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