Monday, May 11, 2009

Phuket aftermath

TWO indulging, self-deprecating adults sat back to review their sunny Phuket hols pixs...

5 mins of silence.
A loud simultaneous sigh......

Man: I have big guts.
Woman: I have big guts and fat arms.
Man: It's depressing. How did it get there.
Woman: My arms look disgusting. Look!
Man: Your arms look ok.
Woman: There is nothing wrong with your gut. It's not fat.
Man: It used to be so flat. Looks fat on every photo.
Woman: It's fine! No one can see them under clothes. My arms, disgusting arms. Gross.
Man: (*scrutinse pix further*)
Woman: My tummy is fatter than yours.
Man: (pause) You are still beautiful! I still love you.
Woman: yeah..still fat. (*depressed*)

................... 1 min passed.

Man: I'm going running. (walks out still rubbing his tummy)

Woman walks to kitchen, opens the fridge and helped herself to Choc Tim Tam and glass of full cream milk.

Such is life.


WhiteDuskRed said...

*shake head*

You... I mean the Woman should be running with him!

Nomad said...

Woman was torn between heart and brain... in the end, the little (choc) belly won. *LOL*

BarryO said...

Running? isn`t that what the olympics are for. Just finished a bar of choc and nut, got a bar and half of Duo (i`m cheap) left in the fridge, anybody want a party.

Nomad said...

A choc pot, thrown in a couple of chips packs and nuts...Barry, you got yourself a deal. Ha!