Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swine flu "lingerin" close to home....

The lesson in life, never speak too soon...sigh.

I was so looking forward to my girlfriend visiting and staying with me this coming weekend. I was just cheekily telling her last night that at least the swine flu victims isnt near us. Then WHAM BANG, my friend told me that someone in my complex is infected!!! I hurriedly went to read the website and indeed, the 2 new victims back from New York on 23may are living smacked right in my complex. At least they aint in my block.

While its not exactly as malicious and potent as SARS, still, it's still rather worrying since its contagious. There's nothing much we can do except to ride out the "scare".

I was just wondering today, why was the already diligent cleaning stuff suddenly even disinfecting more regularly, and all the guards have a mask on and the disinfectant gel station placed at the counter. It just didnt occur to me that "danger" has struck nearby.... ?

My friends are joking on facebook that I probably shouldnt return home. Yeah right... just when I was planning a flight back to Singapore too. Guess I should just wait a few more weeks till the coast is clear to be sure I aint infected and carrying the virus further.

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BarryO said...

Dinny worry too much there. We did our Doctors impression at the weekend, didn`t get many strange looks with the face masks. Really because the plane was near empty, just as empty as the airport. Took about 30 secs to pass immigration.

Got my own little DEFCON alert in the elevator. A little label that says "cleaned every 4 hours", above the buttons. Iv`e seen it go up too regularly and often. Down to 2 hours, it`s now at "Cleaned every hour - With Alcohol"

Best to be on the safe side if you don`t really have to fly.