Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review on "You Are beautiful" drama

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the korean series "You are beautiful (YAB)"
has ended last Thursday... the curtains are drawn but I am seriously still missing that drama. After "My name is kim sam soon" and "Goong", this is the next romantic comedy collectible DVD box set I am Dying to lay my hands on.

Of late, I discovered I am watching K-drama more than J-drama.
Surprise surprise...

Firstly, before I delve into YAB, I have to confess I didnt know any of the actors in the drama when I first started watching. I'm not a pop idol fan, and I dont care for it either. Drama are entertainment and I just expect to be entertained.

However slowly I found myself rooting for the lead actor Hwang Tae Kyung (played by JGS). I dont even know who Jang Geun Suk was until this drama, but he played this role really well.
Though through the eyes of a tough outback or ruby-playing dude, the Korean guys here might come across alittle androgynous..

What I liked about this drama is that it really spoiled me. The episodes just get better and better each week without those big dragging-its-feet moments. Yeah, maybe occasionally here and there for couple of mins but overall, I havent had a romantic comedy series which had me so glued for a long time. Not to mention, a fantastic OST to boot.

My friend's friend know JGS, as in the real actor and didnt like him. Well some stupid thing about him being "arrogant" and stuff when they first met a few years back, but do I really care? No, not really because his personal life is none of my business and I just think he did a great job in this drama considering he is only 21-22yrs. A lot of potential for a young actor who is seemingly versatile and willing to try different roles. He started out with a chubby innocent face in earlier drama, and has grown to a more sharpen manly feature in this. How many guys can carry that "Elvis" hair do and a dark eyeliner without looking cheesy or grotesque, he might be the first Asian dude to pull it off, looking rather suave for me too.

(I dont really think JSG is cute esp with the cherubic smile, but he sure has a certain X-cool factor when dressed rite, thrown in some cool accessories. Check out the Etude house CM-MV)

A lot of girls go googoo-gaga over JGS and think the world of his songs, which frankly border on average for me. He is a better actor than singer, though I have to give him credit for the last scene for the YAB drama, where he sung "What should I do" while desperately scanning for his love one hidden in the crowd. That has to be his best song to date, and presumably further voice coaching in the cards will render him a better singer than before.

What is it that propel this actor to garner such accolades and love from his young raving female fans in this drama "You are beautiful"? Ditching his "cool" pop celebrity persona aside, I suppose JGS has successfully captured the essence of HTK to perfection- a sensitive guy hiding the fragile "abandoned" soul beneath the arrogant, haughty protective disguise, while maintaining a degree of his unique brand of humour. JGS has given depth to the character with his credible performance. JGS has given this role the flesh and soul with his at times petulant, at times self centered, and at times funny performance that leaves his fans rooting earnestly for him.

The whole team including other actors had also gel well giving superb performance in expressing the role they are tasked with. From FT Island - Hongki also deserve mention. He isnt just playing mere supporting role with mediocre acting, rather, he portrayed the "adorable" Jeremy, to the guy who was in "raw" pain very well. I wont say more as that will ruin the moment for people who hasnt seen the show.

Shinwoo, need I say more. The cutest of the lot, the "prince" who is self indulgent in his romantic grandeur moments...., and the split second of still-pain when he was caught off guard... for a new actor, it was truly worth a pat on the back.

Last but not least, Park who plays Go MinNam is an excellent choice. Who could not root for her. Our sweet, naive and a little dense GMN is so adorable esp when she is willingly "bullied" by her crush. She doesnt makes u want to wallop her for those fumbling moments, but rather she makes you want to cheer for her. This is Park's success in giving the character the convincing simplicity, naivety that draws much laughter without ever rolling your eyes thinking she is a wimp.

The success in the script is the not too conventional lines and moments that goes truly well with the character development. Have I said already how spoilt I am by YAB, that makes me wanting more and never disappointed?

If this review doesnt convince you to go straight out and grab the DVD the minute it is out, then wait a little longer to bite the dust as the rest of the world to go crazy over it when it finally air on local TV. (though I would hate listening to local sub versions because they can never reenact the korean actors themselves)

Meanwhile, I leave you a video clip as a teaser.

JGS aka HTK rendition of "What should I do?"


Anonymous said...

YAY great review!! I'm absolutely touched by what you wrote, and pleased that at least someone out there actually roots for HTK, since everyone else is rooting for the latter (KSW). Its not that I'm against Shin Woo or anything. =) Anyway, I'm glad I chanced upon your review, thanks so much! Cheers!

Eri said...

YEAH! You've captured almost everything about the YAB characters and how beautifully the actors played them. Thanks for the drama review. Can I post this link to my FB account? :P

jen.0806 said...

Wow, GREAT review! I find myself nodding along with every point you made on this drama! Completely agree with you 100%. I just recently finished this drama and wow... I'm still 'in withdrawal', it's ridiculous haha! :P Great review, and as Eri asked, is it okay if I share this review on facebook as well?

Nomad said...

Hi all, Heh thanks for comments:) Yes, do feel free to include the link to your FB. Thanks for asking! :P