Friday, September 10, 2010

Just finished the Copenhagen leg for the last four days and just arrived in Oslo. We decided to can the drive to Gothenburg and spend the extra nite in Denmark instead since I had rightly predicted we couldn't cover all the sights in 3 days no matter how hard we push it.

It has been exhausting!! My fat tummy is such a liability! I ve never felt so much effort to carry my weight on my feet before until now... Gotto lay off those choc snacks and midnite feast while watching dramas... So physically gruelling from four days of walking. We did good though, averaging 10hours non stop walking apart from toilet breaks and train rides.

Copenhagen is not as scenic but it's a beautiful city and I love their green concept and how the citizens embrace it! Unlike Australia balant in your face tactics of protecting their country nature, Denmark starkly differing warmer welcoming ways lures u in to naturally do your bit. The city isn't exactly clean with it's fair share of street litter like everycity, but I love the tranquility and relaxed lifestyle with pretty streets and shops. I loveeeeee their design stores! It was fascinating to see so much lovely designed stores and products pack in one place!

People are nice here. Though things ain't cheap. Was kinda surprised Marriott dun provide kettle boiler in the roo
For free. Gotto fork out 50kr for it. Crazy....

Service isn't exactly top notch but maybe because it's a small city so to them it's too norm to spare details. Trains are easy to catch, fast and quiet.

Went out of city to visit the castles and lousiana art museum. Had a ball!!! Tiring day though. More details later.

Time to sign out... Early morn 6am wake up tmw.

With love
From oslo

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