Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We have arrived @ Copenhagen"

Copenhagen Royal Opera House

I love my days spent in Copenhagen. It's a lovely city truly, surrounded by natural beauty and by people who cherish it. Since its virtually impossible to load my 4Gb worth of snapshoots, guess u will only get the highlights of my trip.

When I arrived at the hotel on a lovely 9am, I was greeted by a busload of Icelanders Players. As I got off the cab, I have no idea why the bellboys happily asked me to wave and greet the players in the bus, but so I did. What a grand welcome to have a busload of hot looking blondes waving back with big fat grins:)

As the room was not ready (typical check in at 4pm), we headed off to start the day with a stroll and a canal cruise. It was a lovely sunny day. The cruise did not disappoint.

Starting from the airport to observing the streets, I had spotted alot of men in uniforms. It wasnt till much later at noon did we realise it was a celebration days for the soldiers and troops who had returned from Afghanistan. I didnt know what they were awarding for, but families were out in throngs and bands and music were playing. Little fellows sat patiently and waited, while decked up in uniforms like like Daddy.

Little boy in uniform

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