Saturday, September 18, 2010

so we have more new sg citizens and the point is?

I love to know out of this 3000 people, what are the proportion of nationality that belongs to China and other parts of SEA (or developing countries).

How about sharing with us how many European nationality, Australian Nationality, US nationality would actually forgo their passport and be Singaporean citizen?

Reason being, not many from developed nation will contemplate to give up their citizenship for ours. In their country, Dual citizenship is acceptable whereas accepting ours would mean bye bye to their own. There is no benefit to giving up their own passport for ours frankly. Whereas people from China who always faces problem travelling with their china passport would be the first to jump in Q to swop their passport, esp couples who have daughters instead of sons.

Give back to society? I will be happy if some of them do not RUIN our original society with their rudeness and selfishness and unwillingness to intergrate to our ways.  Stop spitting bastard, Stop cycling in the middle of the road, STOP yelling at the top of your voice, STOP shoving people ard for fear u will be the last or lose out. No fingers needed... we all know who they are.

So tell me again, what's the good news in this article that local singaporean should be celebrating about?

news source:

SINGAPORE: More than 3,000 people took the step on Saturday to become Singapore citizens.

They celebrated their rite of passage collectively at various Group Representation Constituencies (GRC).

The annual National Citizenship Ceremony was held in the Supreme Court.

Speaking at the ceremony, Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong said Singaporeans, both new and existing, should build a shared future.

He also called on the new citizens to give back to the Singapore society.

He added they could do this by volunteering their time and skills to improve the lives of others in the community.

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