Friday, September 3, 2010

Korean Drama

This season is a fantastic drama season! I am totally blown away by the 2 korean drama - "My girlfrend is Gumiho" and "Baker King Kim Tak Goo"

Set in modern days, the "My gf is Gumiho" is a romantic comedy about this fox's desire to become a human and how she is assisted by a  chap (starring Lee Seunggi). The laughters are simply derived from the innocent viewpoint of Minho (the transofrm fox) of this whole and her expressions plus wholeheartedlness makes her very endearing.  Woon the guy who is helping her is slowly coming around from fear to developing genuine concern and care for his new non human companion. While his initial agenda may not be that noble, only wanting her "bead power" to fulfil his acting dream, but we could see he really is a nice chap who cares about Minho. Every episode is a laugh and warms your heart without being mushy or OTT. It's so funny just seeing how every episode is different and I love anticipating the next ep to see what new scenes the script writers have come up with. I love the scene on how they use the "little mermaid" story and weaved it into the story so aptly, and how the fox was sad to learn that every non-human interaction with human with always comes with a tragic ending. You really have to watch the show to understand what I am so amuse about.

As for Baker King, its human drama and with peppered with deceit, distrust, family bond, friendship, love, perservence, filial piety etc. It's another heart warming show where the underdog tries to make his mark while facing challenges, opposition and underhand tactics from all directions. Even though its a simple story with common plot, yet the delivery and execution is done really well!

What is really admirable about Korean drama is the wonder of how it has come a long way to shed its cumbersome image of "sappy old stories that cries all the time." I applaud at the transformation at how the drama scene has changed so many over the last few years and make a waves within Asia and other parts of the world. No longer depending on just pure crying, one can find originality that can warm the heart and tickle the funny bones. That said, not all current korean drama are great. We still have some chessy ones, and sappy ones but generally the standard has improved leaps and bounds.

That said, we turn to look at Singapore drama. How is it that after like 20-30years, we still havent improved much in the script writing? The serials are still so amateurish, always using similar topic, or worse, always includes propaganda of the current "hot topic". It's so annoying and tasteless that I hardly even bother to watch Sg drama anymore. While there are several goof Korean drama and Japanese drama that I would actually feel anguish in missing one episode, with times that I just want to watch the episode first thing I open my eyes, I never ever have that sort of urge with Sg local made drama or films. Simply put, Sg made drama are too localised and too much local elements to make an impact. It's almost like if you have seen one, you have seen it all. Even the much hyped Little nonya can only hold my attention for so long. Eventually you can guess the direction and scene of the next episode before it is even shown and that is what makes it unoriginal and uninteresting...

Even when I am not a korean, I could feel the sense of pride the koreans have for the change and the impact they make and how vibrant the whole industry is. How is it that the koreans can make such a remarkable leap forward but Sg is always stuck at where it is, or at best, move a few pace forward. Making good drama has nothing to do with how big the pool your audience is, its how good a scripting cast you have. I cannot believe the TV station are so contend with the current "achievement" that they have.... i almost feel sorry for their pride on the "Little Nonya" buzz. Possibly, only countries like China can appreciate or support dramas made in Sg. Other than that, Sg acting cast are terrible in peformance, with terrible diction, and terrible lines, not to mention NOT A SINGLE GOOD LOOKING actor or actress. I would never even spent $1 to spend a Sg drama. Instead I am stacking up tons of Korean and Japanese drama. It's almost sad just to think that.

All said and done, I am going to be missing these 2 good dramas while I am travelling. If you havent caught on, its time to jump onto the wagon!

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