Friday, February 17, 2012

Catch up at Mozza

Just before I took off to return to Hk, managed to grab a Sat "lunch" with another group of frens. Havent caught up with Stan and wifey since they relocated back from Sydney, and Butterfly had been so busy with his Interior Design business that we kept missing out on each other. The funny thing was when I had posted this in FB, my other fren bunny gal went gasping and commented "is that u stan?! U have expanded!" I thought it was really funny! I didnt even realise he was growing horizontally since that was how I rem him back in Oz so...conclusion, food in oz makes us fat. There.

The reason i said "lunch" was because we sat there from 12pm till 6.30pm. It wasnt intended that way but since MBS is so packed on weekend and we lack a better change of venue that can assure a seat, we just decided to plonk and order more food at Mozza. The mushroom was good, everything so.

Stan is busy preparing for his upcoming wedding but I was so apologetic and disappointed that I couldnt make it since it clash with my upcoming Morroco and Lisbon trip. Darn. So happen that we have 3 PH days off in the same week in April that we decide to take advantage of it.

The conversation steered towards their new place, and with our ID guru there who is also their ID renovator and designer, we had much to talk about. It was fun, it was my fav topic- designing that is.
By 6.30pm, I had to dashed off since I was meeting another couple for dinner and also to visit their house which is currently being rebuilt.

When i got up to their rooftop on the 4th floor, it then hit me as I survey the 360 view. I just realised my best frens' house is like 2 streets behind my ex-bf's house. Oh dear lord. Even though we are on good terms, dont really fancy the thought of ever wanting to bump into him regularly when I hang out at my fren's place. Sigh...what to do when everyone wants to live in the East. That aside, love what my frens are doing to their place. Hee heee, esp more so when I have a guest room "reserved" for my stay anytime. I am looking forward to that rooftop BBQ man. Am sure our Ozzie men will love chilling out there, having a slinger in hand, doing what Ozzie boys love best, shooting pellets at those annoying noisy raven flying overhead. Lol.

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