Friday, February 17, 2012

CNY: A happy home cooked meal at galfren's home

This is a special year coz one of my galfren actually made the effort to cook lunch for me and another galfren for our visit to her new place during CNY period. Seriously, not many of my galfrens cook, least of all taking the time and effort to do so. So thank you very much YT for being such a sweetheart!!
A bowl of heartfelt goodness

Serving our meal with much love

A hot and sweaty chef out from kitchen

The two happy "HK resident" recipients

Didnt realise how far Sembawang was from my place until I took a cab there. Hahaha. So much for a home grown Singaporean. First time ever to Sembawang. I love the space her house had and though her jackfruit tree looked awesome with huge fruit dangling off it, my fren told me it tasted awful. Hahaha!

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