Friday, February 17, 2012

Ramen Lunch@豚王 at Tung Lung Street CWB

Been unable to sleep at night lately and so I woke up at 2.30pm today after struggling to sleep at 4am last night.

My gf called me. She just finished her haircut in Causeway bay and asked if I wanted to meet her for a meal or quick dessert. Recalling I need to get groceries and sent the pants to tailor, told her to give me 20mins to get dressed and walked down.

I suggested the Ramen place 豚王 she told me about at Tung Lang street 燈籠街. There was a Q but a quick fast moving one. The joint was REALLY small but super PACK! there were 4 flavors to choose from.

I opted for the Pork Based soup normal Ramen, with Japanese style ChaiSiew. We get to pick the variation, like if you wanted more or less or no spring onions, garlic, chaisiew etc, degree of hardness of noodles etc.

I love it. Honestly, it is WAY BETTER than the Ippudo@CWB, opposite Times Square. There is simply NO FIGHT. Win hands down. The soup broth was rich and yummy, without the greasy oiliness. The Chaisiew was also nicely sliced, sweet and fresh.

Apparently the chef is a Japanese. Service was fast, and spot on.

We were sharing a table with another couple, and another lady. When the couple left, I commented on the leftover for the spicy ramen, that I am glad I didnt order that since she couldnt finish it. The other lady who was still eating replied me out of the blue, "Yeah it was too spicy for her." So I continued the conversation with this stranger. "Is it really THAT spicy?" I look at her noodles pointedly since she was also having the spicy version. "Well, if you can take spice it;s ok." She smiled at me as she continued eating. Okie, in case u think it's strange, its not. People in Hk are happy to just reply your "up in the air" question if its a generic question. I am happy to reply them because I appreciate the fact that they satisfied my curiosity. Perhaps some may think it's rude of them to "intrude" suddenly into your conversation but I really dont see it that way. What's wrong with sharing a view right?

Anycase, she went on eating and I went on discussing noodles with my gf. In the end, we both agree this is really good and worth repeated visits!!!

I completely forgot about taking pictures until i was almost done. So I figured I would just take the "after meal" shot for a change, just to show and commemorate how much soup I had drunk!

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