Friday, February 17, 2012

Lunch with classmates

The good thing about going to classes like my Jap class is getting to know another bunch of people apart from my HK ex-colleagues. 

The gals decided to have lunch at SR gallery to try the organic meal and it wasnt too bad. My prawn spag was ok but not wow fantastic. A decent meal with a nice environment.

It was another Asia mix of Hong Kongers,  Taiwanese and Singaporean. So the conversation was often peppered with Cantonese and Mandarin and English. Guess most of us can afford to have lunch during off peak together since all except one are homemakers. Lucky. 

Funny how all my frens and excolleagues are now stay home mums or just home makers, but none of my friends in Singapore are, well except one. So in Singapore, it's always so hard to catch up with frens in the afternoon unlike in HK. It's strange, I mean in HK, living cost is equally high but it is more acceptable for wives not to work here than in Singapore. There is always like a self imposed stigma in Singapore if one doesnt work. All my frens will ask "Dont you want to work?" in Singapore or make annoying remarks like "you tai tai lah." I know there is no malice but its just sooo ignorantly annoying. In HK, I never ever get that. NEVER. Being a home maker is like way of life here, no envy or scathing remarks. Women here are happy not to work and raise their own kids. No, I'm not talking about spouse of bankers or corporate high fliers. Even my average contractor and others average income family can afford a housewife, what is wrong in Singapore? All my frens either say finances doesnt allow them, or that they will be bored at home. Bored? Seriously? You must be a "quite some case" to be bored at home when there are so much things you can do with your time, excluding chores and cooking. Then of course, I'm not them, I dont know. I;m just glad I have my circle of frens for social time though I actually pretty much prefer to stick around doing my stuff at home.

After the meal, we looked at some of the artworks. Not bad, nice but overpriced. My frens were laughing that we prob could get some of the stuff for half the price back in Taiwan.

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