Friday, February 17, 2012

CNY 2012: Catching up and Dinner at Wok and Barrel

Just shortly after Xmas, headed back to Singapore again for CNY. As usual, busy and met up with several friends esp those from college. It was really nice of them to make time on a weekday night considering CNY was on Mon and Tues. It was another good dinner, with lotsa of bantering, laughs and gossip. We didnt talk about it but I think it was a pity my fren lost out in the recent "race", for personally, I believed she would have done a wonderful job coz she has so much passion and concerns for the Singapore entertainment industry and wanted so much to be done to protect the (budding) local talents. Oh well. Hopefully our senior Janice will do a great job.

In one of the dinner, when my college council fren had wanted to pick up the tab as a treat for my husband, saying that he was a guest. It was a very sweet gesture but we declined and insisted on going Dutch. My partner was funny, he quipped "No no I am not a guest, I am a PR." Everyone had a good laugh!

On another day, hubby and I also got caught with another fav fren for lunch just before we left town. Funny how we walked all over just to look for a spot to take a pix. Hahaha.

I had read about Wok and Barrel from Cathay Pacific inflight magazine and so I thought of trying it this trip. Luckily for me, it was opened on Thurs and so as usual, I grabbed my food lover couple buddies for it. Esp more so since my fren knew the chef Shen as she was their meat supplier and she was raving about the place to me after I suggested the place.

When we reached there, the funniest thing was bumping into my ex-colleague, a good fren of mine and his wife! Ha! Then he told me the place was co-owned by his friend whom I was acquainted with for a while several years back. Talk about surprise and small world. However, since I havent kept in touch with her, I didnt want to chat her up there in the restaurant since I didnt want to appear as if I wanted to cosy up to her. I dont think she rem me either since I looked pretty much different from over 10years ago and when we had first met and hung out; it wasnt the best moments we both were having shitty times of our own. No matter, good for her and that things are working out wonderfully for her, and me too. Ha!

That aside and food!
Honestly, no regrets. I love the food at Wok and Barrel. I love how they put a spin to the local flavors and yet not losing a shred of its authencity. I hate those East meets West Fusion dish which leaves you going "What the..." However, in Wok and Barrel, the very essence and spirit of each dish was retained though some better than others.

We basical tried the Wagyu Rendang beef, the pizza, the bak gua ribs, all with the Nasi rice. Shen also whipped up some noodles for us just to taste. As for desserts, it was 4 of the top hits with the choc, the banana parfait, the chendol panacotta, and the Hitom dish. I was so into my food and conversation that I was too distracted to get a good pix of each dish...I even forgotten about the ribs till I had polished it off and licking my fingers....sorry folks.

The pizza was really good and I love the rendang! The ribs were good too but since I am not a bak gua (pork jerky) person, it didnt make it to top 3. As we tasted the noodles, Shen was telling us the story of the noodle origin of how she made it for her aunt, and how she went convincing Shen to make it a menu staple. It was the when she enacted the story that had me laughing quite a bit as I sipped my delightful Apple Cider. Incidentally, Shen convinced me to have a go and treated me to the Kiwi Beer they had. For someone who hates beer, it was surprisingly good, light and refreshing with no funny after beer bitter taste. Like!

My highlights were really the desserts. I love all of them. I really do! I especially like the chendol panacotta with the red bean icecream, and the Pulo Hitom dish. It has no words to describe except yummilicious.  This is one place I would really come back for. I think Shen did a great job in retaining the food flavors and creating a twist for it. Best of all, because I know who supplies her produce, at least I know she is getting the best fresh lot since my fren doesnt muck around with her business or sting on importing "fresh yummy food only" just to cut cost like many others do!

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