Thursday, May 10, 2012

Apple Customer service scored an A+ for me

I love Apple's customer service. When one suffers a spate of terrible Singapore customer service (recently mine being with Crimson Logic), it's refreshing and dizzying to get one so efficient and nice.

The last time when I purchased my MacPro, I already had a first hand experience of excellent service. When I called them about the wrong adaptor sent despite ordering from HK website, the Apple Care US rerouted my call to HK and viola, they sent me a one off travel kit adaptor out of good will. I really appreciate that gesture, and it gave me the confidence to believe that my future purchases will be warranted. So Apple won my loyalty. They trained their customer service well.

That incident was last year. This year, we purchased a new MacAir, as well as an Ipad.

The iPad was purchased with the iPad cover via online. When the stuff arrived via DHL, I discovered my cover was scratched terribly on delivery. I called Apple, and the chap was very pro and nice about it. He apologized for the defect and promised to send me a new cover in return. I asked about pick up for the unused scratched piece and  to my surprise, he said it's alright. They will just ship a new one.

The whole process was pain-free, without hassle, and more importantly, they took ownership and proactively aim to keep any dissatisfaction down to a minimal level. In my case, they really won me over both times.

incidentally, I mentioned to my friends, Apple Customer Service must have stringent requirement. They all spoke fluent English and many are American accented. My friend said the customer hotline is now relocated to Singapore at Yio Chu Kang. I was in disbelief. You mean apart from Citibank, Apple Singapore can do such a decent job too?! Wow! Shocker.

No offense intended to Singapore companies or fellow Singaporeans but generally, not only their customer service sucks, their spoken English sounded funny too for all the front line service. It's a well renowned fact. Sorry. Just stating a fact....

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