Thursday, May 10, 2012

Japanese Hairstylist: Love my New Summer Hairstyle from AR Salon! 夏の髪型が大好き!ありがとう!!

Had my hair permed yesterday@ AR Salon (closed on Mon) (Link to address and contact).
Facebook link (here)

Previously, was getting super bored with my long hair now that has flatten out. My hair was in desperate need of loving and attention after the ill-treatment over the last 3 months, esp when I was travelling to Morocco and Portugal. I really didnt gave any sh*t to my hair since I was dead tired every day...

As usual, Ito and Beedy did a wonderful job with my hair! As I told them I will be going swimming regularly this summer, they promised me my new curls wont straighten but I also have to do my part in blow drying my hair after wash (else the water weight for wet hair will pull it straight over time).

The best part is that apart from the Aprou lightweight milk moisture which I had been using, I didnt need any other hair products for the curls. (See what I mean in earlier post about NOT pushy?!!) Talk about fantastic for lazy person like me!!!

As I had finished my shampoo and I mentioned about any recommendation, Ito san gave me a Re:>>> Cool Shampoo sample. He told me to buy it ONLY if I like it. He said it's completely non drying. I havent tried it yet. However, I restock my Aprou Milk Moisture instead. I LOVE this product because it smells heavenly, really did what it promised- softening my hair, and lightweight without weighing down your hair.

Towards the end of my session, took a snap shot of the guys who had a role in making me feel top of the world like a princess:) This session, Ito did the haircut, while Beedy was in charge for the perm and wash.

Beedy recommended to try perming the curls from the eye-level for a change as the trend is heading away from the perm starting from jawline. He showed me quite a few pictures to ease my worries since I really didnt want a puff up curly hair. Beedy assured me it will be soft and natural and his words were as good as gold. The curls were really soft and had that natural wave.

Guys hard at work! (Left: Beedy with a smile, Right: Ito in full concentration)

Alot of my friends like my new curls.
Even the fruit stall Auntie complimented it. She could be just being polite...hahah.

Anycase, here's a shot to show my indulgence in my
I took a shot right after I got back from the salon.

My hair is still nice and curly despite my "abuse" to it for the next 6 hours and after dinner.
Happy! 嬉しかった!!

PS: See my Hair Salon visit @ Feb 2013 before CNY! (Link)


natsumi said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Love your hairstyle! I went to Ito-san but it turns out, I think he is better for long hair + curls. I have short hair and he kinda ruined it >-< My haircut turned out looking totally butchered, and nothing better than a 150HKD haircut you can get in the HKG neighborhoods. I'm Japanese and have been getting many haircuts both in Japan and Hong Kong and I have to say, this say been one of the worst I have had thus far *tears* He's super nice but I think more suited for long hair styles and curls. Just an honest comment that I hope you don't mind me sharing.

Nomad said...

Hi Natsumi

Sorry to hear about your bad experience because I had my hair cut short by Ito san recently and I liked my new cut. Even my mum liked it (provided I blow dry)...Then again you are right, I do believe Ito's strength is in curls though I didnt mind my current short hair.

Though in terms of "horrid level" I would beg to differ about it being the same as 150hkd cut though... Because I have tried that and it was nothing that I could face the world with....