Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kampong Spirit? How to...??

Read this article from CNA about Mr Khaw's recent wishlist " Help revive the Kampng Spirit."
Wah pianz! I dont know if the lousy journalism in mainstream media did shody work in downsizing his speech, but this article annoys me.

My feedback to you Mr Khaw?

Kampong spirit? 
You are making a lame joke right?

How to if we locals are banned from cooking curry in our own home if our "newly minted" non-integrated neighbors hate the smell?

How to if our newly minted neighbors complained about adoption of dogs when their babies are making noise all day long?

How to if your public corridor is so freaking narrow to mingle without blocking anyone? 

How to if there are still signs that says no playing in the voiddeck for kids in the same block? 

How to if your freaking walls are so THIN and crappy that you hear the excessive & persistent noise coming from your neighbor's home (up, down, left, right or even NEXT BLOCK like in CCK) & it is pissing you off more than you want to chit chat with them? 

MR KHAW, I know talk is cheap but seriously, you are older & "consumed more salt than me eating rice", so please try to make speeches with more sense than making grandiose speeches trying to impress. Dont sound like you care. MAKE SURE U CARE. The least you could do is remove the obstacles that are hindering your so called-vision of "KAMPONG SPIRIT IN the CONCRETE LAND". 

I too miss the Kampong Village head that acts fairly, credibly, and actually SOLVING the communities problem without all the empty talk. 

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