Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crimson Logic SG Helpdesk, YOU SUCK!

The helpdesk agents @Crimson Logic in Singapore who are assigned to my case ARE ALL FUCKWITS. SERIOUSLY EMPTY HEADED ROBOTIC FUCKWITS WITH NO TECHNICAL SKILLS. It's like they have this instruction manual to only repeat "standard" solutions from there without having to use their brains.

After 1 month, not only they couldnt solve my problems, they even have the fucking balls to email "Can u send screen capture so that we can help you." I already DID YOU FKING MORONS, WEEKS BACK!!!GO CHECK YOUR EMAIL RECORDS!!!" 

You see, I have been having problems trying to access SINGPASS.GOV.SG website. Everytime I access the URL DIRECTLY, the site shows a blank page and finally the "taking too long to response error."

I tried everything from Win 7 to Mac system, from IE, Firefox, Safari to Google Chrome and NONE of the sites work.

So I emailed Crimson Logic the fucking company who is the preferred loser's choice for our govt's e-system like IRAS. Why the govt forces its people to be reliant on ONE COMPANY for such key services is beyond me. For a COUNTRY that is so proud to be fucking fast speed connected, the company they employed seemed to be living in caveman times for their helpdesk.

After 1 freaking months of bouncing here and there, all they did was to tell me this

CLogic: Please clear cache.
Me: Cache is always cleared, does not work. I have even tried turned off firewall, NV, pop-up disabler, added trusted sites, nothing works.I am using Win 7 and Mac and brand new ipad, all connected by wifi at home and I'm having problems with them all. However I have no problems with other website sites like e-citizen, IRAS etc. Just Singpass.

CLogic: Please add trusted site
Me: (sighing at the instruction which OBVIOUSLY did not read my email) Yes added, still do not work. Come one guys, you can do better than this. Sent my email screen capture.

CLogic: Please contact the agency you are trying to connect to singpass from. 
Me: (Getting fedup). Look guys, I am connecting to your website directly. SINGPASS.GOV.SG.
There is no agency redirecting from!!!! can you guys please escalate to your 2nd tier engineer?

CLogic: Please add to trusted sites. Please send us your screen capture.

Finally, I did my online search, turned off my wireless and plugged my cable direct,viola! 
It worked! NONE OF THESE AGENTS even realised that the router might be blocking it, despite that I had told them I am using wi-fi to connect. Brillant, just brillant. None of these people who mans these service uses wi-fi at home to even know such problems exists. Thanks to other online users and NO THANKS to these paid Crimson Logic losers. They should be PAYING ME to resolve the problem. Granted I didnt solve how to undo the router block but at least I know how to bypass the problem. Those GOONS didnt. So anyone who knows what to set in my Sapido router will be good.

The agent even had the cheek to tell me "Routers purchased from OTHER countries out of Singapore will block SG website." Hello?!!!! Most routers are manufactured in one place, CHINA and redistribute to other countries for sales. What the hell are you talking about????!!!!


Normally I would refrain from cursing at helpdesk services but in this case, I have enough and especially this helpdesk is manning a service for the SINGPASS service which I am FORCED TO USE. It's not optional, which compounds to my hatred and anger. Christ, I havent been angry for years! 

Reminded me once again why I left the IT industry because it is choked with alot of useless people "supposedly" to be working on problems to help non -IT people.

Update: 17May

Between this post till today, Crimson Logic has called me twice. Equally frustrating and without solution. It came to a point that I told the lady point blank, "I honestly dont think you know what is broadband and how a router works!"

You see, I informed Crimson Logic that the Singpass website was accessible but it simply fails to connect via the router, So OBVIOUSLY the problem lies with the router right? Guess what their reply was to me?

Crimson Logic agent: Mdm, if your connection via the broadband works, and the router doesnt, it means that the problem lies with YOUR ISP. THEY ARE BLOCKING the website.

At this point, I wanted to smash the phone in her face. I told her curtly.

Me: My dear, you DO UNDERSTAND WHAT BROADBAND IS AND HOW IT WORKS right? You did just realised that I had told you the LAN cable was able to access your website, but when I swap it via the router it fails. YOU understand that we are talking about THE SAME LAN POINT right, using the SAME ISP right?

Crimson Logic: Ah, why dont you tell me how you connect to the router. Maybe it's your network provider. We have different network providers here in Singapore...

I simply had to cut her off before I die from hearing more stupidity. Lord save you woman!

Me: LOOK! There is nothing wrong with connecting to my routers since obviously i can surf other websites! It's JUST YOUR WEBSITE! And do you even understand that ISP are just companies providing the service and technology. AN ISP does NOT affect how the technology works!!! A different ISP offers different plan but it does not CHANGE HOW A LAN AND WIFI AND ROUTER works! And you are telling me my ISP is blocking the website?!!! Then how did I access it via LAN cable?

So rather than me telling you what to do, why dont you tell me how to connect a router and I will tell you if you are right or wrong because I have this feeling you have completely no idea what I am talking about!!! 

Crimson Logic agent: Errr...*weak laugh* yes you are right...However I want to help you mdm. I want to help u solve this.

I hung up. I gave up on Crimson Logic Helpdesk.
I was better off self helping myself....being friendly and helpful alone is not helping my problem. 
I need someone who doesnt have a zero level knowledge tank.

I sent out a post in my FB for answers.
In less than a minute, answers came pouring in.
Several people pointed out to the MTU setting.
A friend sent me a link that solved the mystery.

ALL IT TOOK was 5 mins in FB to find my answer but it took over a month for CRIMSON LOGIC.

ALL I HAD TO DO was to change the MTU in my router to the magical number 1400.
I had tried all combinations previously, just missed out on 1400.

So the next time you have a router access problem with SINGPASS.GOV.SG, try changing your MTU to 1400. It solved my problem,

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