Thursday, May 10, 2012

My shopping conquest! It's summer time, what do you expect!

I went about overboard this month shopping. It's summer! I havent stock up on new summer clothing for a long time since I came to HK. Mostly, I tend to shop in Autumn and Winter. So starting with the discovery of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren@ Times Square, that was when my wallet started bleeding..more accurately, my man's!

1st Stop: @Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Times Square, CWB
This is where I can get all things casual such as denim and Ts, and shorts etc.

Also couldnt resist the checkered blue top and the turquoise blue top. Reminds me of heading to the beach! Matched it with my hat purchased in Seoul few years back, perfect!

 I got more excited when I saw the navy blue white strip top, as well as the shaded blue scarf! It's actually not a summer wear, at least I dont think the material is. I think its more spring but hell, we dont have cool spring in Hong Kong. Only good for days I know I will be in the mall whole day where the aircon can freeze your arse off. The heat is already killing me now. Again, matched with my old blue uniqlo pants.

Pink is a rare color in my wardrobe though my mum thinks I look nice in them. Blue is predominantly my shade, at least these past months. The sales recommended this pink checkered opaque top, an underlayer is required for those who dont want to "share" views of their expensive lacy bra. hahaha! I decided to drag out my denim shorts purchased in Japan last year @Daiba outlet. Bought it solely for that sewn on patch. Lol! Viola! It worked!

Next was the unexpected red strip sleeveless dress! I love dresses but tend not to wear the cotton stretch coz of my fat belly. However this had a lovely fit and it wrap nicely without being too clingy to the waistline. I paired it with my old MM denim jacket, tied the scarf and yeah, time to hit the town! It worked nicely with my white casual jacket too, paired with light pink scarf.

2nd stop: Global work@WTC, CWB

A sucker for Japanese clothing. I have been looking for lightweight, airy cardigan and found it in here. Buttonless and loosely fit with 3/4 sleeve length. Found a nice light grey cotton pants, with foldable hems, 3/4 in length. Thought it went well with my new red shoes, or gold heels. Yeah, a look recreated based on a Japanese mag.

 I have been hunting for a khaki brown short for a long time, a length that actually isnt too short (overly short stuff makes my thighs look extremely unflattering, too old to carry it off too.) I managed to find it @Global Work. Loved the airy blue summer top too! Good for those days you didnt want your top to cling on to you. Have lovely embroidery at the bottom.

After my pink checkered top, I spotted this orange stripped blouse. As per before, an underlayer is required if you dont want people to see the outline of your bra. Decided to try a different look with 3/4 jeans. Good for casual dates! I havent worn my sandals since my wedding, so I thought I will try it out. Not bad alternative to the red.

3rd Stop: Zero Halliburton@Harvey Nicholas, Pacific Place

Was seriously getting fedup with my crappy Rimowa aluminum luggage. Firstly, the wheels fell apart. Secondly the flaps inside came apart. Thirdly, the water from the aircraft holding seeped into my bag and everything inside got completely wet (as if it was dunked into a pool!). The other polycarbon model is also constantly falling apart at the wheels and flap within, though no water seepage yet since they dont get dented.

The problem is that I have to lugged the freaking Rimowa myself to the service center instead of being able to leave it at the counters. So inconvenient. The point is, Rimowa, you suck!

I went looking at Samsonite but tried their zip, not exactly "smooth" for the large size. We had the small Aerial small cabin size bag and liked it. However when its larger, ehe handles felt funny for their Aerial and Cube series. Colour  (apart from Aerial blue) wasnt that spectacular either.

We were just browsing and spotted this lovely bright blue bag. I am giving zip a chance, and this is cheaper than Rimowa's pricing. For some reason, the lady here was able to give me 15% straight off. The counter they had at Sogo CWB did not, only offered 10% off, with 5% off if i have sogo card. I ended up buying it off the lady at Harvey as she had always been very nice and friendly thrice now, even when we didnt buy anything the forst 2 times.

4th stop: Maud Frizon Shoes@ WTC, CWB

Yesterday, I put on my Charles & Keith heels and headed out for my class. Less than 50steps, the materials on the heels started to disintegrate with every step I took. OMG! Had to throw my old heels away and grab something else. So that means I had to replace my heels. Threw 1 bought 4. A woman's shopping logic! hahaha!

Sms my man who was hard at work in Shanghai,
Me: "Bled your wallet today."
Reply: "Noooooooo!!"


I never knew MF shoes fit me so well. Yes, there are half sizes here. I love the white floral theme sandal so I could not put it down. Had an exact old pump like the above but it worn out after repeated wear, so I had to restock the same look. Next was the blue strip wedges. I never had blue strip shoes before, least of all wedges. They were comfy to my surprise!

The last pair was the red shoes with a floral bow at the front. In one of the pictures above. Well, I couldnt resist the fiery red. Getting bored with all my black and brown heels.

5th Stop: iBlues, Times Square, CWB

I dropped in not expecting to buy anything. I was dressed in my worst, and carrying groceries. However, the sales remained ever polite and helpful, without any hint of disdain for a "poor looking" customer like me.

I paused at a crop sleeve top and she immediately went to the store and grabbed 2 other shades. Oooo...I like that pink and grey polka dots. So I was happy to try it. The sales offered to place my bulky stuff away so that I could be more relaxed.

Next thing I knew, I saw this white dress, innocuously hanging there in a corner. I picked it up and headed to the fitting room. To my surprise, the A-line dress was a nice fit and fuss free, I had to get this. Went home and tried various combi.

First look, matched with a classic blue cardigan from Global Work.

Second look, which is my prefered choice for summer. Matched with my old Zara Green cardigan! I couldnt thank Zara enough for stocking this green! It was perfect colour for me!
Somehow this combi reminds me of Paris, Kate space? Couldnt decide the shade of my heels to go with. Prob red huh.

Well, that's all for now. Dont think you will be interested in my new iPad purchase anyway.

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