Monday, December 9, 2013

My first pair of short black boots.

After years of buying long boots, I finally decided to head out and buy a pair of black mid length boots. I haven't had a pair of black short boots since my Dr Marten in college but I didn't want that causal look this time round.

I am specific about what I want but I couldn't find the designs that I like in HK and those I found in Japan was simply too small for me even at size 25... and my Godzilla feet.

While randomly walking around time square since I'm being forced out of my apartment by the non stop drilling above my unit, I chanced upon this pair of black boots.

I thought they looked kick arse.


I popped over to Bally and though the design was more refined and thinner leather, the fitting was not as comfy and it didn't fit well. It felt as if it was too loose by the ankle though the width and length of my feet was ok.

So in the end, I went back to Kookai and got my first pair of  grunge boots. Since I have my fair ton membership, there was additional discount and that made me happier, or rather my man happier since it become my Xmas prezzie.

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