Monday, December 9, 2013

Chancing upon HK celeb Karen Mok in person!

The thing about living in HK, I got to see quite a few HK and Taiwanese celebs in person over the years while going around running errands on normal days. Have seen Andy Lau, Edison, Nicholas Tse, Cecilia, Carina Lau, Donnie Yen, Gigi Leung, Charlie, Xiao Zhu (Show) , 劉青雲, 蘇永康 Etc. Today, I saw one of my fav artist!

Sometimes I bumped into them while they are shopping, sometimes they are seated across me during meal or tea time, sometimes they are out fulfilling promotional activities, or shooting movie scenes. While I couldn't be bothered with any SG Actor or actresses ( some I don't even realise they are "stars") with exception of talented Dick and Kit Chan, HK and Taiwanese celebs exudes a completely different air about them that made me take a second look. Maybe it's the industry, maybe it's their international stardom that just makes them  un-commoner.

Last week, I was about to go up the escalator to head to supermarket but a small crowd caught my eyes. Being a little inquisitive, I took a few steps forward to see which celeb was being interviewed and presto, it is my fav HK celeb Karen Mok!

Oh my god! It was jaw dropping because she looked sooooo pretty in person that
 took me a second look to confirm it was her. All these years, the mag shots and movie shows did not do her looks justice. She belongs to the category of looking better in person. And she is so cute when she laughed!

For some strange reason, I was able to stand right in front, like basically an arm's length away from her while she was being interviewed. The tv guy was standing next to me and he gave a surprised look seeing I was next to him. Haa haaaa.

Karen was being interviewed about her new shop and of coz her hubby. I was just snapping pictures of her non stop. I was just alittle excited. The last time I was this excited was bumping into Charlie young near my home and asked to take a photo with her together.

I thought about asking Karen for photo but carrying my prawn grocery, I felt too frumpy to do that. So I contented myself with just photos of her at close distance.

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