Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Travel log: Osaka,Japan day 1. Part 1 - (15 nov 2013)

Osaka day 1: 15Nov 2013

Upon reach Osaka and check in, we decided to have our first go at yakiniku. As we didn't make any prior reservations and being Friday nite, all the highly recommended places are already fully book, ESP Kobe beef. Thankfully, I did some homework before flying and asked to check ourselves in to this place, Matsusakagyu Yakiniku. Apparently it's quite a popular joint with the locals too.

We could have taken the subway but being tight for time, we took a cab to the destination and it cost about 2000yen but the driver was very nice. Chatted abit and while he hasn't been to HK, he went to Singapore for his honeymoon like 20years ago. The only description he has for our city state "clean". Hahahaha. All these years, that's about the most common if not, only adjective I have heard from foreigners about my hometown...sad if u think about it but that's for another day.

We were shown into a small private cubicle and handed the menu which has both English and japanese version. 

What I really like is that they have a menu describing all parts and ranked from fattiest to leanest. Had to take this since it's so freaking useful!

In the end, we chose the assorted platter which is the easiest and has the widest choice. When the meat arrived, I Thot it looked a little lesser than I like and so I topped it up with another order of wasabi beef rice which was rather average. The yuzu wine was really nice though.

Over here, u get to cook your own meat. The suction works very well and so there was virtually no funny stench commonly associated with BBQ places. My man was the one who cooked the meat. Meal always taste better when I don't have to lift a finger. Haaa haaaa.

Jokes aside, while the meal was ok, it wasn't spectacular. Definitely have had better Yakiniku in Tokyo before. Still, it was sooo central and close to Dotonburi, it was good place to go to if u need a quick fix. Plus the place comes with free wifi which is a rarity in japan. 

After the meal, I took my man straight to Dotonburi for snackies part 2! The nite is still young! 

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