Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Unique ice cream place in tin hau

My fren in Singapore was just lamenting the other day, about how many more "cafés", soy bean curd, ice cream joints we need to be invaded by on this small island, where everyone sells about the same thing with no innovation and creativity. 

While I have no further inputs on her observation, I am on the other hand, happy to announce that I just love HK vibrant food culture that constantly allows new shops to spring up in pockets one after another. While my beloved CWB has seen its demise for small F&B ventures, saved for expensive conglomerates that have deep pockets to pay the exorbitant rental rates, It is with much delight that apart from sheung wan, Tin hau is also turning into a nice eating spot! 

Apart from I M Teppanyaki which I had found, we too discovered a nice bread place "BlissHive" with very nice cakes and their freshly made breads are without preservatives nor margarines,  and a gourmet meat place ( love the pig trotters door handle)...while strolling the area, spotted a steamboat place too. 

From BlissHive, I tried their NY cheesecake and another banana walnut mascarpone cake. Also bought a loaf of green tea bread to try. Personally I prefer the cheesecake which isn't too sweet, the banana mascarpone has this hard crunchy top that didn't quite do it for me. However, their green tea bread was nice, esp when I paired it with butter and kaya spread.  

The whole feel is soooo Bustling with local crowd without the gweilou as often seen in central. The crowd isn't ur average joe either, since I overheard a lot of highly educated youngsters who are either ABCs or schooled internationally. 

The best was spotting this shop called lab made ice cream where they churned out ur ice cream "made to order". It isn't your everyday off the mill favors but rather a small but eclectic offering such as pandan cake or toasted bread flavor. The crowd size was amazing. U would not be faulted to think its more of a crowd befitting of a beer joint but nope, it's purely ice cream, to-go to boot. The patrons seemed to love it. One has to push past the crowd just to get close enough the board to see what were the flavors of the day. I was too full to try it that night but I promise u I will be back to give a full review.

Honestly, given the maddening crowd, I think the flavours must be something to be reckoned with since this store has been around for quite some time. However as my local fren would put in perspective, "why pay 9 times the price for 奶醬多 ice cream when u can get the real thing at 5 bucks at 茶餐廳。" lol

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