Friday, June 23, 2006

Desmond was late for work again this morn...

I didnt notice him until he walked past my desk to the toilet. I turned and saw his back as he was heading to the pantry for the toilet keys. The reason that he caught my eye was becoz i was thinking its impossible for this company to have any "cool" looking Chinese Guy. Plus it was a dark blue burberry shirt and he had it tucked out. I have never seen him tucked any shirt out except for the time we went drinking in shanghai during the last biz trip.

When I realised it was Desmond, i "psst" him and said "hey u gg drinking today?" He gave me a shy smile and "chey" me and walked off.

When he came back, I noticed he had his shirt TUCKED IN!

I rolled my eyes and msn him.
"Bro!! WHAT DID YOU DO! U look so cool and suave this mornin, sooo happening and now u look so SQUARE!!" BAsically he looked soooo TU TU in hokkien (" 土 土" in mandarin)."

He replied "What is happening? What is Square" Wah pianz! How to explain sg terms to him? Tough man! So i said happening means cool lah! Why u tuck in! Just now look sooo good!"

He said "Coz you make fun of me just now abt my shirt lor! Anyway i dun like this shirt. My gf bought it" Wah pianz! I slapped my forehand in disbelief and walked to his room

I saw him and said "Why u tuck in ur shirt sooo much! Tuck out some more!!! U know what u look like? U look like when u very small and gg to kindergarten and your mum help u wear ur school uniform and TUCK ALL UR SHIRT IN!! Soooo ugly!!"

Desmond grinned but trying to act cool, he "ni ni neh neh" me and said "oki oki" trying to humour me or like i was "forcing" him. Or he was just shy. I said "Your shirt very nice what! And just now so cool! Why tuck in!!!!!" Barry was in the room and laughed.

Desmond said "Aiya, this shirt nice meh? I dun like." I said to him "Who cares what u like! U wear a shirt and its the GALS who are looking at u! What matters is what WE GALS LIKE U silly! Who cares what u think! Ur gf has good taste! U look nice in this!!! SO u should wear shirts that gals like! U have such bad taste! No wonder U havent got to pick up any gals when u go drinking!!! Rite rite Barry rite??!!" I turned to Barry for support and he laughed and said yes. Desmond surrended and made "feeble" attempt to tuck out his shirt a LITTLE.

I towered over him and said firmly "MORE! Dun be stingy! Tuck out lah! This morn u look soo Good!" In attempt to cover up his "willingless" to look cool, he pretend to look "hassled" and said okie okie!!! U so mafan and TUCK OUT HIS SHIRT again! Haa haa

I smile at him pleased with his "co-operation" and pat his head saying "Good! Now u look cool again" and walked out! Ha ha ha! Oh poor Desmond! :)

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