Friday, June 16, 2006

Lunch over "smells assault"...

Lunch was GOOD!

I had Thai food at Lee Theatre. Rosa had her training counter part A.from states to come down to ASia and they are heading to japan together next week. Being typical caucasian, A. is crazy abt oriental food.

I have always been next to Sweet Basil Thai since ISE jap is next to it but never thot of trying it. So it came as a pleasant surprise when the dishes we ordered was very good. We order the 4 PP set even though there were like 5 of us but the portions were enuff.

We had pork neck as starters, coconut milk prawn soup, spring roll, veges, curry chicken and stir fried lamb slice. Everything was great except the lamb which i thot was a little chewy.

A. was funny. Thru' out lunch we were swopping stories and it was hilarious!!! Esp when we came to the topic of SMELLY FEET! BAD SMELL IS THE MOST UNFORGIVABLE SIN and MOST INTRUSIVE!! And Fandy shared her story abt being stuck in a full plane and the guy next to her took off his shoes and oh GOD it stank!!!! We were like OMG! U poor gal!!! I could totally empathise as i had the smelly feet causasian sitting next to me and scratching his bloody stinking feet before me (It smells really like some gone out salted fish)!!! Difference was i could get up and swop seat but Fandy couldnt! So A. asked her what airline and Fandy said "Airfrance" and A said "that explains!" I laughed my head off!!! If u dun get the joke, i canx tell u off my blog either, u have to figure it out.

Then A. shared with us abt a story of her colleague back in US office and she had a smelling problem. The poor gal didnt even know she smells and everyone had an issue but couldnt say a thing coz in US, this sort of thing has to be handled tactfully or you may get slap with a legal suit! So she said her boss asked her to TELL the gal and she tried calling the "Equal oppotunity" organisation and they refuse to help her as she was "ON THE WRONG SIDE" being the employer and not employee. I must admit I thought that was rather silly.

Anycase, someone somehow manage to discreetly told the poor gal and she went to A. and confide and asked if it was true. A. told her yes she does. So they went thru every detail from head to toe to find out what needs to be changed. And to our horror, the gal only wash her hair ONCE A WEEK and hasnt been to dentist for 3 years. So A. said "U GO HOME NOW GAL TO WASH YOUR HAIR!" I laughed my head off! And the gal found out later she had gum dieases and which was why she stinks. So it was like getting rid of one smell after another! Poor gal but really, not wash hair for a week????? Gross.... Anycase, the highlight was the gal has a BF! I was flabberghasted. I asked didnt the BF tell the gal anything?? And A said exactly that was what her boss asked A. Her boss asked what nationality was the bf and A. said "French" and teh boss said "That explains it!! but i'm not smelly!!" Hoo Hoo Hoo!

(PS: Did anyone tell u abt the joke on why French invent perfume? Ha ha. I heard this joke so often here. Ha ha. )

After lunch, I went to toilet to brush my teeth and Joanne came in and looks like she saw a goddess. She was like "Oh can u pass me some of ur floss? i had something stuck and the first person i thot of was u!" And now she concede that it was a good idea to at least have floss in the office. Later i found out she had some tooth crown and i was think age 27 is such a tender age to not have a complete set of real teeth!!! And these people are astonished at my brushing teeth habit? I am ASTONISHED at their habit.

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