Thursday, June 22, 2006

An "unexpected" bright morning...

Struggling to wake this morn.
Doreen called at 11pm and we didnt end the call till abt 2am. And it was only when her phone card gave way and ended the call itself. I couldnt sleep immediately and so by the time i fell zzzzz, was prob abt 3-4am.But it was worth catching up and chatting with her. Havent had such long chat with doreen for a while!

I woke up and while standing in the bathroom, i was wondering what was so different in the bathroom. It took me a full min to realise. FOR ONCE after 3 months, there was actually sunlight coming through the bathroom window!!! So the difference was i didnt have to turn on the bathroom light this morn! I was actually SHOCKED to even discover that there was sun and my toilet can be sooo bright! Talk abt bad weather spells in HK and all those polluted sky....

Back at work, everyone seem to like all my clothes in sg. I find it funny. And shoes too. At least its a slim cut and it tampers to your body line, HK clothes always make u look like u are pregnant because they like to pile the layers. Its nice on some but horrid on some. Esp i am so thin, it looks like i am a hanger!!!!HA!

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