Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Sui Website launch!

Finally!!! Finally the nitemare excercise of launching the website is over!!! No more late nights, no more TV dinner pack, no more stressing over looming datelines, no more wee morning content cross checking, no more insomnia!

The Anna Sui website is finally launched for all the 4 countries! Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!

The experience has been completely way off the scale. Of course my vendor has been working just as hard and sometimes i feel terrible to push them so hard but I guess we all didnt have a choice. It wasnt that i had a say anycase. Luckily for me, all my country teams have been very supportive in helping me to check the local bits that I had missed out, but gratitude especially to Alice who came back with me over the weekend and staying the late nights to help me check through the web errors. I think I would have wept in utter waterfall...

So now, while ongoing changes are still being updated, at least the core is completed and i am so dead tired i couldnt even really rejoice. This is positively harder work launching for all 4 countries simultenously, than previously just launching the intranet and helping with the corporate internet in my old job. This is truly madness and i think it was the product range and shades that did us in. I still recount for nail colour shades alone for HK alone, I think Alice, YuKi and I could have gone crazy over the number of colours. How many revisions was that? 10? No matter, all is good now!!!

So while i internally celebrate on my success and end of my anti social life for the past month, here's a toast and sincere thank you to all those who has chipped in, and the "finger" to all those lazy people who only live to make snide remarks on this collective effort. (Ha!)

Welcome to our new Anna Sui Cosmetics website!

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