Tuesday, February 27, 2007

starbucks starbucks, I love starbucks

I think i am drinking too much starbucks. Well, i have a stack of voucher for free drinks anyway so why not?

When u start seeing familiar faces every morning, its just hard not to start a conversation. I wanted my hot choc with extra milk, no cream. That has become such a standard that Faye didnt even need the guy to write my order on the cup.

I was cajoling Faye to tell her boss to start the operation time earlier from 11 to 10am. So it save me the hassle of changing lift and going down to 3rd floor. I mean 11am is really too late for office crowd like us. And how many of us wants to detour on way to office lift to the other starbucks? She seemed pretty convinced by the logic of it all that she almost convinced me i have succeeded! haa haaa.

I dunno how starbucks pick their staff but i like them all. I think they have the best attitude service staff. Amicable and friendly, leaving you feel like you have been served, not that you are in the line for firing squad. Pacific coffee in the same building staff just have that surly face that simply is so off putting that i rather stick my 50bucks somewhere else.

Anycase, one cup of hot choc and plenty of more slides to go. Canx wait to smell the fresh clean air back home.

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