Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Boring? Boring my ar*se

I am getting tired of "defending" singapore as a "Boring" city.

Granted SG doesnt have wonderful scenic views, rich history and culture, vast museums etc, still I wont go and make a sweeping statement about a country like that. Luckily I had a Taiwan lady who came to Sg's rescue and said she disagreed with the "boring" statement, though we all agree the weather is not a great thing.

I didnt have my good friends here to share my life and that makes a huge difference. To be fair, if you are alone in a new city, and all one does is keep to yourself and stick to a few places, then yes, life is boring in that country. But its not the country's problem, its you.

To me, being happy or bored really boils down to your company/friends, and your own iniative to make your own plans. I have never felt bored in singapore. I always had things to do, (if i can get my lazy butt off the bed on some weekend... ). I get to hang out with friends at cafe and spend glorious days catching up, I missed watching local and overseas english plays, I missed blading or cycling at east coast, I missed my simple pleasures in life like taking a stroll in the gardens, having picnics and watching concerts at Botantic Gardens, exploring new hangouts, spontaenously packing all in a car or two heading for the "famous" food for dinner, or catching up on late supper, and occasional drinking...Then, there is always malaysia next day to offer us a different change in scenery. So what if Malaysia is a different country but the fact we are linked together and makes it easy access, you cannot discount that as part of your life while living in singapore. Just like Europe, its fun and their beauty are that they are also interconnected like we are! While it bothers me to keep hearing negative comments, I cannot stop people from feeling the way they do as they are entitled to.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side and people like to think there is better options out there. While to some degree it is true for some, nothing will ever makes you feel like home where your family and friends are. No delusion about it. At the end of the day, when the novelty of newness wears off, people you meet come and go, coming HOME to your old place is the best feeling in the world.

Like beloved things or people you have lost and found again, you dont notice how much you had missed it until it finds its way back to you... and then of course, along the way, you probably had gotten used to the "loss" that it may never feel the same as before.

C'est La Vie!

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