Saturday, February 3, 2007

Day Trip to Lama Island

Woke up about 2pm and returned Josephine's call. Decided to head to Lamma Island for a quick day trip.

While waiting at IFC, i bought a chicken leg and stood infront of the movie TV screen munching away. I realise with much amusement that everyone must have thought i was weird, eating in the middle of the shopping mall in front of the cinema. Honestly, their stares didnt bug me and i didnt even know what the fuss was about? I suppose...munching on a chicken leg is significantly less visually appealing than ice cream cone:) ha!

Anycase, i met Josephine in time and caught the departing boat just in time. Was about 45mins and the weather was so sunny and cool at the same time so it was a nice walk up the hills. It was about an hour walk to 榕树村 but i guess we were chatting and so it didnt seem that long. By the time we near the other village it was dark. I didnt realise there are so many expats living on one side of the island. There are many seafood restaurants but i didnt feel like it. Somehow, i just feel i will get ripped off. It felt like a cross between a malaysia village and a thai street ambience.

Again we were in time to catch the leaving boat at 7pm. Hk has alot of chinese new years lightings now! Took one just for fun. We headed to abedeern for dinner. The Mynmar restaurant i wanted to bring her was so packed and so we headed to another bangkok restuarant instead. Afterwhich, it was beancurd with my fav sesame dumpling! Yipppeee! It is indeed a nice saturday.

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