Friday, February 2, 2007

Spooky nite in taipei

People were asking me why i was so tired back from taipei.

One reason was too much work, second reason was more spooky.

We came back from massage and kate wasnt too well and so we went back to the room for a rest. By dinner time, we grab a cab to Ding Tai Feng for dim sum with Jo. I boarded the cab first, followed by kate. What was weird was the cab driver was staring at Kate the whole time!!!
And honestly, his eyes from the rear mirror looks really really spooky! 阴深的样子。

The minute Kate closed the door, the cab driver told me in mandarin "there is a ghost next to your friend" I freaked out!!!! I screamed and literally covered my ear and told him i didnt want to hear. Ok i am chicken shit! haa haa

kate saw my reactions and heard the word ghost and she got scared. What was more spooky was the cab driver said "your colleague has a younger brother correct? And she has a K in her name" That totally freak me out. I told him i didnt want to continue the conversation and I ignore Kate to ask me to repeat what he said. I felt i didnt want to talk about scary things at night, and considering Taiwan is not known for "clean" environment, i didnt want to invite more "trouble" by talking about it.

So the whole night, both of us was disturbed by teh cab ride and kate agree his eyes looked scary. The whole night, i didnt sleep and for once in my life, i left every single lights in the room on. I think what spooked me the most was that when i got back after dinner, every single freaking channel on TV that i turn to (about 10 channels) were about ghost when i flick to it!!!! Talk about bloody coincidental broadcast!!! It was either about some ghost places, screaming ghost movie trailers, and reporting of a dead Taiwan celebrity that night. Bloody hell, i was totally scared shitless as my imagination runs wild!!!!

On Monday, i looked and felt like shit and was increasingly frustrated and bad mood. Lack of sleep does that to you. And all the work problems didnt lighten my mood and i was ready to aim and shoot. I wish I didnt have to repeat myself a thousand times. By Tues, I didnt sleep well again, i guess elephant memory doesnt help in this case....Arrrggghhh!

I am just glad to be home, even if I am still by myself. At least i have my comfort pillows! haa haa

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