Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Long Monday Nite

Dead beat! I canx believe the whole day went past in a flash with meeting from 10 - 5pm!
Luckily i went back to work the whole Sunday to catch up the backlog or i will be so stressed today!

Still was nice to have all markets flown in today, esp Mel was so sweet.
She asked me if i missed anything from sg that she needs to bring for me (seeing how i complained i missed sg food few months back on her last trip...)

Funnily, the nail swatch drove me and Alice and our vendor crazy.
We worked on sooooooo many revisions (at least 10!!!) to finally get it right!
Vickie was laughing that I must be dreaming about the website and all our product catalogue and i said YEeeesssS!!

Ok its 9.30pm, simply have to head home for dinner! Prob buy congee from causeway bay(again!)..

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