Thursday, March 1, 2007

Friday nite with college mates

Friday dinner was spent with another friend. After the meeting, i felt kinda sad for her when i knew the tribulations she is facing. I didnt want to advise her not because i couldnt, but i just felt she needed a professional for her set of problems. She needed someone who could be impartial which i told her i will not be as she is my friend. All i could do was to hang in there for her, to let her say her peace since she told me she couldnt bring herself to confide in anyone else. When she started crying, i could only empathise with her. I told her to think but act on it. Sitting on the problem wont make it go away, it will only snowball and the angst building up will only make things worse.

After dinner, she had to rush back to work while i went off to meet my college mates@ kandi bar. The guys had put on so much weight!!! haaa haaa. We were bitching abt this guy who was such an ar*sehole and still cracking jokes when TC needed to cancel the CNY gathering as his relative passed away. when E told him off in the mass email, he remains stoically unapologetic for his callous and insensitive remarks.
The night was spent joking and remembering the old times. We went through the council list and was just catching up on everyone that we could remember. I think everyone we knew did pretty well.
KM was sharing bumped into Ivan while getting consultation and now his card says "Ivan's fren". Ivan had his own clinic now we last heard. DY returned from his Boston stint and now relocate back to sg, and now this big director is busy feeding baby and changing diapers. Someone become GRL and we gagged at the thought of such an idiot representing his community. Thank god we aint in his ward!

We reminisce about old college days, the feuds, the scandals, the ridiculous puppy love and all. We talked about who kissed who, who hated who, who was gay, who was beauty queen and who went for sex change - looking more womanly than any of the gals combined! TC remarked "where was I!" We laughed and said that was his price of being the "president". We realised, out of the 30 of us, more than 3/4 joined are civil servants. Who would have thought but then again i aint surprised, most of them took the scholarship and their future is mapped.

The link bridge which all councillors traditionally used to climb up and leave their name has been torn down in the name of campus expansion. While the physical aspect was gone, the memories stayed with us. We counted and omg, its the 26th council now! We have long stopped gg back to the gatherings since u are looking at a bunch of teeny bopping kids and you really have nothing much to share with them. We have come too far to be in sync.

KM complained about Raffles hotel for his wedding last year and the whole escapade which lead to him complaining and the banquet manager got sacked. Seriously, paying a premium cost and they couldnt even get matching cutlery, a sound technician who couldnt operate the sound system and PPT, some rotting moulding things in the room. That was abit too much to bear.

TC refuse to share how much bonus he got but the drinks and beverages were on him anycase. *chuckles*. Then again, pineapple and orange juice doesnt really chalk up alot lor. But we didnt want him to dig into diaper money or no more permission from wife to let him out of the cave! haa haa.

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