Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little nice french dinner with my best gf

Weather's been acting up again in HK. It was 26degree the day i landed and Monday it dropped to 15. Today, it prob is hovering between 10-11 degrees.

Had a wonderful dinner with Jo last night. We decided to venture out of causeway bay for a change and went to LKF for dinner instead. I told her i vaguely rem a French restaurant and we kinda poke around abit before I finally locate the not so secret hideout. Haa haaa. We didnt go Soho coz it was too bloody cold and we were underdressed that night.

Cafe Artiste was pretty quiet that night considering it was a Tuesday night. There were prob only 3 table filled inclusive of our patronage. So i was kinda skeptical about the "serving" and "quality". I mean seriously, if u are gonna have crap French cusine, u might as well spare your cash for better stuff.

Jo and I decide to share our mains and so she went for this blazing beef with Foie Gras (HK285) while I went after the duck breast (HK190) since we both werent keen on fish that night. The lobster bisque as starters was pretty mild and average. I wasnt overly crazy since it lack the wholesome rich seafood flavour.

However the main came as an utter surprise. The portion are HUGE! Well at least, it justified the cost of the main. First they cook the beef before you but both of us were so engross in chatting that we hardly minded his presence or whatever he was dishing out. Actually we talked so much that we realise we overorder due to lack of hunger. Still, we liked what we came for and had lemon sherbet to clear the buds as dessert.

What kinda surprised me was Jo insisting on footing the bill. She said it would be a belated birthday treat and nothing i said could sway her otherwise. So it was like an expensive "date" except it is with your good fren for 4 solid hours. There was so much to share about - views, experiences, takes in life. I mean how much can u talk during lunch. By the time we left, we discovered the common grounds and similarities we had are simply stupefying!!! I mean one in a million chance for 2 people from different country, env to share such common traits and experiences is just unbelievable!

The whole restaurant was completely empty and we bet the sole waiter was aching for us to leave so that he could slam the door behind us! haaa haaa. The kitchen was already closed and lights were off.

The night was really cold and we kinda huddle together walking to the cab Q at Landmark. Then the topic got interesting and we decided to hide in Harvey and chat abit more, away from the fearless wind. Haa haaa. It's hard to describe but its like those moments that time passes like a wink. I felt like I was still on my ride of joy.

Its moments like this that is really great, to be able to find a match and talk to an equal, without great theatrics I might add. Just simple points and message that drives home without any need for elaboration. Now that's real communication for you. I will truly miss her when I leave HK.

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