Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday. A great birthday

Second night had late chitchat again and didnt crawl to bed till it was about 5am. Felt abit strange sleeping in a new environment in the dark and was afraid to wake E. Just as i was about to fall into deep slumber, the hp alarm went off and it was like ground hog day. E rushed off and i crawled out. We had agreed to meet up for lunch at Brewerks. I was craving for the fish fillet for ages before i even touch down!

Thanks to the lousy cab transportation, i was delayed by lack of cabs in singapore on a rainy afternoon. This would never happen in HK. Cabs are in utter abundance there and i forgot the pain in sg. So lunch was delayed till closer to 12.30pm of no fault of mine. It was nice catching up with E and Leo again. We took pictures and E sweetly got me the cd i really liked and Leo got me something which they brought back from australia open. Time flies when u are having a good time and next thing i knew it was like 3.30pm and i needed to rush to visit Anna, before i have to meet jen at 6.30pm. OMG.

Of coz being at Anna's place was like being at home and time became fluid. We caught up abit, joked abit and its amazing how far all of us in the group has come along. It didnt feel like 7 years but indeed it is since I was introduced to them. I am happy for her. She deserves every good thing in her life now and her son is absolutely gorgeous..i loved his hazel eyes.

i ended up late, not grossly late thankfully... Manwin and his new gf was there and i liked her. She's candid and I could see the twinkle in manwin's eyes. Jen was refreshingly changed physically after she left our excompany. It was like the "exs" reunion. haa haa. Again i was pretty touched when Jen took the trouble to get me something unexpected. i told her she really didnt have to but she insisted. She was worried i would like her present and I assured her i love it and i do. I realised now i have to seriously squeezed some space for all the things i am bringing back!

We moved to Clarke Quay and OMG, how the place has changed! The last time when i was there was when eve was still working with Maple and we had free access to alot of places but those are gone now. We went to my fav music place and chatted even more. 3 hours plus passed in a blink when u are having a good time. Chris joined us towards later part of the night. I was so shocked when i saw him losing so much weight but i liked him better this way- skinner!! ha ha. Apparently he had dengue and was recovering still. Bless him! He joined me in the most expensive coke for the night going for bloody $6 bucks per cup and since the place was so empty, the $6 lasted us from ten to wee morning and no one hassled us in ordering anything else. So if you divide by the hours, it kinda makes it less of a rip off.

Anycase, we call it a day by 4.30am. So much to catch up since we havent see each other for more than a year. My goodness but he was always good with his train of thoughts. He constantly amazes me at his reasoning and such grace & poise. Bloody hell!!! He prob could convince a cow to come home on its own!!! haa haaaa. He gave me a quick tour of the city, pointing out what i had missed out over the year and the ongoing "singapore-eye" being built (ps: utter waste of money. London eye is kinda boring even with a grander scale and landscape view than ours..). He drove through the carpark to show me the latest haunt near sentosa and i felt bad about him going through the lot since we werent gonna step out anycase.

I couldnt believe so much changes had taken place before your eyes in a year but its good. Such progress and development is good for the city though.

By the time i hit the sack, the room was so silent that i missed the humming of the fan at home. Swissotel always has good bed and pillow and that lured me to sleep pretty much without much of a fight. Dawn was breaking. Tomorrow will be another early day. Yeah, boss is treating later on! heh heh heh.

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