Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little chill on friday


Finally cleared the email backlog from last week. Friday was kinda eff-up and so i abandon my laptop for the weekend just to chill out.

I made a trip down to Trac's place to visit her and little Jerlene (the one of the 2 times to admiralty!) Since god had give me this unexpected opportunity to be back in town, i better fulfill my promise to visit them!

I laughed and told Trac that i couldnt decide who the bb took after! But she has such lovely locks that it's no wonder why her daddy absolutely would not bear to cut it for whatever chinese traditions. Had a go at carrying the little one and went on chatting with her mummy. To a point, i made a joke to trac, "Your daughter lying on my lap feels just like another pillow warming my legs and she looks damn comfy lor! Tempting me to sleep!"

Along the way, was suppose to meet CW for quick tea break as he had to head to town for his meeting. Before we met, i bumped into the office cleaner who worked on my floor. I was extremely surprised when she called my name and came to talk to me. I use to chat with her in the mornings when she clean my cubi but didnt know she knew my name! I was delighted to see her but she has aged. Suddenly I thought of my mum and felt a wave of attachment.

CW came shortly and we drove off to Junction 8 for quick tea. I told him he positively looked better without the dark golf tan and his recent marriage has done alot of good for him! He was glowing and he laughed his usual laugh.

I ended up with retail therapy @ Future state and Phuture London and grabbed everything nice in sight since i was so deprived in HK with shopping for the type of clothes i like, at a decent price. Ended up walking back to my hotel with 2 bags and over 15 tops and skirts in less than 15mins. I hate long shopping session. That will settle my new wardrobe for the next few months to come when the weather warms up. I just couldnt find any decent pair of shoes.Sigh.

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