Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A great nite out back in sg

Fell asleep during my Bio-Body massage. It was Gooooood. I was so pleased with the session.

I looked at my hp and went "shit". 2 missed calls. My fren's partner session apparently ended earlier than expected. I called him and he was at the hotel lobby waiting. 10mins earlier than planned.

We were suppose to try the Japanese restaurant at Dempsey road but he couldnt find it since stan and jas had the idea it was under a name Yen or Zen. We drove round and finally located it with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT name by Oosh. And anycase, it didnt even come across as Jap (http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/singapore/restaurants_in_singapore/825/oosh_lots_of_oomph.php)
It looks absolutely lovely at night but unfortunately it was full. I was willing to bend for other options but he said "Nope, you will get what you came for. Though unfortunately u are with a not very enlightened chap on Jap food." Ha ha so we ended up driving round the block for other Jap in shenton! haa haa

After dinner, in his ardent quest to feed me thoroughly with my local cravings, he proceeded to go to Selegie for beancurd. So imagine at 10.30pm, i was still eating. I am so gonna burst. OMG. But i have to admit, it was really good.

It was quite funny coz we were sitting under the spotlight in the back alley. I asked "Do you know what this feels like?" He was so quick and answered "A flim set." I laughed and nodded. It was nice, sitting there in the back alley and the gentle breeze coming thru. Its moments like this that really pushes noisy polluted HK out in the far remote part of my head.

We talked about all the things i had seen and experience including the trip to Vatican. He snorted in utter amusement when i gave him the look of "death" when he made a crap joke about my favourite sculpture of Apollo and Daphne @Borghese House (http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/b/bernini/gianlore/sculptur/1620/apollo_d.html) .
Then he shared his conversation with this gal about sistine chapel and the girl replied "Yah yah, I love the chapels there! there are really alot chapels. I think there are more than 16 chapels" I chortled at the really dumb statement. Is that gal really for real?? We cracked up laughing when he saw my look of disbelief. He said he stopped the conversation with the gal immediately since there wasnt any point in pursuing a non intellectual conversation.

By midnite, we decided we had enough spot light shining on us and headed back.

We stopped by Holland 7-11and it was like a dead town. He said it was like that ever since they stop people parking by the road side. As we were drowning ourselves with icy cold water, we stood opposite the coffee shop and he pointed out the yellow box for smokers. I stared incredulously at it. "Does it actually help? I mean the wind blows and you still get the stinky smell dun u? ". Well that's the law he said. You have to be in the yellow zone to smoke. Sometimes smokers felt like they are being persecuted. I laughed and replied, "Its not a fantastic habit to cling on to anycase."

I thought for a sec and asked. "If say your butt is seated away and out the yellow box, but your hands with the cig within the yellow box. And when you bend over to smoke within the line, technically you are not flauting the law are you even though your arse is out of the box?" He laughed and asked me if i was trying to challenge the law? I grinned. Who cares, i dun smoke. It was just the fun for thought kinda thing.

We moved on and he showed me the new pockets like Rochester Park with the new restaurants and all.
(http://www.visitsingapore.com/publish/stbportal/en/home/where_to_eat/food_and_hotel_asia/rochester_park.html). Ooo so nice!

Since sunrise watching wasnt really the agenda, we started to head back to town. Dead tired but satisfied by the time i hit the sack. I probably seen more of singapore in a night than i was staying here. And i was thankful for the very nice gesture, keeping me entertained while I have my usual bouts of insomnia, not to mention the really cool cd he gave me to keep me occupied for the rest of the waking hours. Happy!

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