Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lovely Monday

What was surprising today was the presents on my table. When i opened the card, it was from Taiwan! I was floored! I didnt even know she knew it was my bday since i never told her. It was such a sweet gesture! I called her immediately to express my thanks and first thing she asked was when i was going to shanghai and Taiwan to visit her. I laughed and told her not so soon since i prob had blown my travel budget! Guess she has to come down to Hk instead!

Then i checked my horribly flooded mailbox. So much so that it overwhelm my mail folder and it become corrupted and so i had to send it off for fixing. But there was one mail i copied out to read as it was from Taehwan. He never failed to rem my birthday regardless if he was still in Korea or in states.

He told me he is finally finishing up his PhD in Stanford and that he married his sweetheart. She finished cambridge and moved to states with him. He told me about how Hyunhee and himself are now eating mostly organic food after hearing all the horrible story. He said its a trend up in california anycase. I laughed heartily when he said how it was always a massive project to write to me seeing how much we always have to update each other! I was reading his letter and grinning away like a Cheshire cat as i progress down the mail. I still think its unbelievable that after nearing 2 decades, we would still be in touch without having to meetup!

Had too much work to clear and i didnt have a chance to reply to all the good wishes. Today, today is just absolutely a lovely day :)

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