Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New music recommendation - Joanna Wang

Taking a short break from updating the final chapters of my hol trip. Instead, I turn to sharing a lovely music i chanced upon when I was watching the Taiwan Drama "Sweet relationship."

While the drama wasnt anything memorable nor worth critic, yet I found a gem within. I was completely blown away by the song 迷宫 (Maze) (dwnload) by Joanna Wang (王若琳), a Taiwanese artist. The rich timbre of her soulful voice completely took my breath away. She also did an english version of the same song under the title "Let's start from here".


So for those who wont mind sharing this new find, take a min and enjoy my imeem music rotation pick for this month. Have included both the English and Mandarin version of my current fav, and 2 other tracks from her album release.
(*Thanks to Carol whom I have never met, and has kindly shared the song to me and the rest.)

Lyrics of: "Maze" (Mandarin Song) (Lyrics Translation)

看著你 看窗外 悄悄變紅的夜
輕輕的 你的手 又握緊了一些

let's start from here
無所謂 慢慢來 迷宮一樣的未來
轉一個圈 會到哪裡
I don't care where we go
let's start from here

陪著我 喝咖啡 愛在空氣裡
暖暖的是你的笑 趕走心情的灰

Let's start from here
無所謂 就算愛 像空沙發在等待
擁抱著 是不確定
I don't care where we go
let's start from here

轉一個彎 預見美好

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