Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunset of Kata Tjuta

After the tiring but statisfying climb up to Valley of the winds, it was time to view the sunset of Kata Tjuta before heading out for our Aussie BBQ for dinner. To be honest, I thought the sunset of K.T has more character than to Uluru. Perhaps it is the differing shapes and sizes of the domes and the shadow plays that gives it the edge..

Our lovely guides of the day Leah and Meagan and preparing our cold drinks and munchies while waiting for the sunset.

The sunset view opposite of K.T. I love the golden orange spread in the sky with tinge of pink hues that envelopes the skyline. While I was taking the shot below, I was thinking of the old Fuji Film TV Advertisement "Wonderful world" and if I have a giffare in the shot, that would complete the ourback wilderness look:) Haa haa.

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