Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lack of movie choices

Being accustomed to seeing a variety of movie films from different countries of different languages back in Singapore, it strike me as strange that Sydney doesnt even make an attempt to screen any foreign flick, unless of course if its half blend with bad english conversations made from Hollywood. All other asian countries which are chinese dominated, we seemingly had no issue to screen BOTH foreign and local movies. There is such a technology called "subtitles" for foreign flicks...

So why doesnt Sydney cinemas screen any other movies apart from English movies? I do not recall ever having seen anything that is from Japan, Thailand or Hong Kong Flicks. They certainly have French Festival that screened French flicks for a limited period so something else must be an issue.

There is a whole chinese/Korean community living in Sydney alone, so I do not reckon revenue profits will be the issue... Hence it is hard to comprehend why there isnt greater effort to bring in at least popular foreign flicks with English Subs into this country and screen it on the big screen.

I am not sure if Japan screen Mandarin flicks but even if they do not, it is understandable since they produce their own Japanese movies anyway (which i wont mind watching! haaa haaa). Plus I think they do screen hollywood movies as well so at least they are not how should i say "insensitive".

If I am lucky, I get occassional HK treat on SBS on TV, and having it screen on TV means that they know chinese people exists, so why not the big screens?

I wonder when will any of Kevin Rudd's Chinese/HK son in law's friends start to suggest some changes about the boring movie scene ...hmmm..Afterall, it would do the australians some good too to be exposed to movie making by other talented directors out of the hollywood formula.

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