Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Haagen Dazs new flavor and Tully cafe

Did I ever mention I love icecream and trying new flavours? Spotted this new combination in Tokyo so I had a go. It was alright...nothing spectacular. It lacks the richness of Belgium chocolate and doesnt have the sweet cream lightness you would expect. Maybe it didnt match what I was expecting so I wasnt overly impressed.

Not sure if it will stay (sold) in Japan only. I have yet to see it in HK. Maybe they have it somewhere else in states? Dunno. In Japan, its amazing to see the range of new flavors....

Oh, I love the hot cocoa from this coffee place. One would describe it as smooth, rich but not overly, and sweet to the right degree. Coming from a person who drinks hot chocolate for pretty much over 2o years of her life. This Tully Coffee place is always pack with people and mainly locals. So i guess the coffee must be good too.

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