Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japan: Arty Farty day

The Picasson exhibition was split into 2 places. It was a very very good and complete work exhibit, and after the first one in Santory art gallery, we went to national art gallery exhibition on sat.

While the place was crowded and busy, yet everyone was very orderly and we kinda like snaking along the wall in a Q taking turns to view the artwork lined up on the wall on in the center island.

What was intriguing and unknown to me, was this thing that many many Japanese were doing. There was a stack of free A4 paper list with neatly printed artwork names, placed on the table at the entrance. So each visitor can take it so u know if u have seen all the pieces and the Japanese people did. In fact, I saw them actually studying the work, and jotting notes on the paper!! Some even drew sketches of the painting next to the title on the paper. I was amazed actually. I dont think there is a competition, but these people actually jot notes?! And they are not like students. These are like grandma, daddies or gf/bf.

After the exhibition, i took a picture of the art museum which I quite like the futuristic architecture.

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